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Try the Prologue and whislist the game!

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Farlight Commanders: Prologue

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Farlight Commanders is a 2D coop multi online shoot em'up game where the players have to fight against an invincible enemy. Coop with friends (2-4). Drive a spaceship where each player has an unique role. Liberate the galaxy where your ancestors lived in peace


Since the first Farlight Explorers, the life in this galaxy is not easy. Near the core of the galaxy a rich mineral was discovered and the company who sent the explorers years ago wanted to control the planets. After many years of war, the corporation own more than half of the galaxy and they are exploiting the planets with tiranny. Pushed to the border of the galaxy, after new elections, the council is preparing a counterattack, using olds war spaceships in a desperate act, the council wants to force a truce, however people is tired of the war and each day the public opinion is decreasing. Players will team up to command one of the spaceships and liberate the planets.

Cooperate with your friends (2-4), crew a spaceship and fight in differents places. Each player will have an unique rol in the game. Commander, Soldier, Medic and Technician.


The Cantharis is a destroyer class destroyer used in the first war against the Corporation were the first Farlight Explorers colonists achieved to win the war destroying the Singularity Gate.
Right now is an obsolete spaceship, however it has the best balance and the cost to produce it is really low.

The spaceship has 4 main stations. Drive, shields, energy, artillery. Each station has unique actions
so handle wisely with your crew each station to win the different battles.


Land with your crew and conquest the enemy Base in order to claim the planet.


Try the Prologue and whislist the game!

Farlight Commanders: Prologue

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Hi everyone!

We are glad to announce that the kickstarter of Farlight Commanders is on live.


This kickstarter will help us a lot in the development of the game.

Remember that you can try the demo of the game called called Farlight Commanders:Proglogue on Steam.

Also we have been working on lot of new things to the game:

We have added a new map with a new interesting gameplay.


The old tunnel, and in the future other abandoned underground buildings, is a place really dark, scary and full of dangers, where is easy get lost, however with your tools and your determination we are sure you will success.




We prefer not o talk too much about this new map, because we think that it is better to try it for yourself. It's a good map to play alone or with friends.

We added a dialogue menu:


And lot of improvements in the movement of the spaceship and the rotation of the canons.

We hope you like it!

Thank you for your support!

Farlight Commanders Kickstarter pre-launch

Farlight Commanders Kickstarter pre-launch


Support and help us by joining our kickstarter campaign.

The Spaceship AI update

The Spaceship AI update


This update is mainly focus for the single player, I mean, make possible for one player handle the spaceship, if the player character has a good tech...

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