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Original Gameplay Trailer (Dark Lighting)

original FACE concept art

FACE is a puzzle RPG-Platformer where the player wakes up in an abandoned cave, with his face missing from his body.

Through interactions with NPC's, solving tricky puzzles, finding hidden secrets, and navigating through different levels, you must get out of the cave and find the culprit who stole your face.

Along the way, you may choose to help those who need it, or invoke terror on innocent characters. Your karma is tracked with a karma bar - and depending on how you treat other people, your face will look different upon completion.

Screenshot from early footage of FACE

FACE includes:

- An in-depth, ominous, and mysterious story

- Fun and challenging platforming and puzzles

- Interactive dialogue system

- Character customization

- Interactive AI with quests

- Full inventory system

- A unique, self-designed soundtrack

- Minions and boss battles

- Water physics

- Minecart physics

- Multiple endings, depending on your actions

throughout the story.

FACE is made by a single independent game developer.

Check out the newest gameplay footage!

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Hello Folks,

My game, FACE, is now on Steam Greenlight!

Combining aspects of platforming, puzzles, role playing, and dark yet comical storytelling, FACE is a game about a doctor who gets thrown into the bottom of a cave, with his face stolen from his body. You must venture out of the cave and back to your village. Make decisions, interact with NPCs, and use different items along the way.

Begin your journey now ---> Steamcommunity.com

Any comments, upvotes, favorites, criticism, ideas, content, or any other thoughts are more than welcome! Have a nice day - hope you enjoy the game!

-Will, FACE dev

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