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Each game developer when start a project think about game and about game-mechanics. On the paper pages spot and erases the features. Spot and erases. We do not need erase and create something because we clearly known what we do.

Before sir Francis Drake became a famous explorer, a pirate and privateer he was young but experienced man. In 23 he with the second ship named Pelican (later named Golden Hind) go to the first big ride. Officialy Pelican was a flagman ship under Drake command at 1957, but... we think isn't true.

We assume that in 1563 Drake made his first voyage to the New World exactly on the board of Pelican. In the same year he was trapped by the Spaniards in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulúa. He escaped along with cousin, Sir John Hawkins. We also assume that exactly in 1563 when Drake retreat with the Hawkins fleet was happened very strange event.

One morning after escape, Drake and Hawkins and their crew feel the strange feelings of deja-vu. He can't remember past day but just remember that it already was. Immediately after this career of Drake thrived. Drake on board of Pelican was invulnerable. We ask myself - what happens in that day? Why after that Drake do not know defeats? Why even in hard sea battles the little vessel Pelican never been damaged?

Drake: The Golden Hind Story try to give answers.

Genre: Platform arcade with the little RPG elements.
Style: Non-realistic
Art and color style: Old games by Westwood Studios
Setting: Mix of steam-punk + medeival
Time Period: 1563 AD
No slow-motion or bullet time
No rolling time back
No casual modes
Funny Achievements

You can see we do not claim to genius. We just want to make the arcade in the spirit of old traditions. With the charming hero, the platform world ready for exploration, soft storyline and memorable characters. At this time we do not go on about the casual player (even if we do not reach the progress in financial part of this case). Enough. In the "Drake" you need to play, not watch the game play itself.

It's a just a game - for a specific type of gamer. Absolutely non for a casuals, but and no bloody hardcore. Even if our game be a good for one hundred thousand people - I will know, - the task is completed. The main thing that she really liked.

We must try to do it.

Thanks for watching and reading.

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Good time of day adventurers of Hindale. Time for the next update. Today I want show you new concept-art for Drake and other graphical content. Becase first locations which lead to Hindale will be underground - we work with underground levels first. Lower levels of Hindale is a caverns, old canalization, and secret passes. All of this - roots of city more oldest than Hindale. Old relicts of era of Dwarves, which in turn, was founded their cities on the ruins of senior races.

This country isn’t filled only by lonely rocks and mountains. World of Hind beautiful and mysterious land full of strange places and more than strange things. One of this places you can see bellow. You will learn about this place later, only when "drown" in undergrounds. Before this happened with you and Drake - only this images show you, your near future.

Look around folks. Temp of our life becomes faster and faster. Games of present days becomes short and gameplay also becomes more faster than it was before. You not playing games. Now you run in games. Between markers, things and achievements. Drake also will be have achievements. But main achievement of Drake is world which open for explorations. Where you can stand, look around and think about past, present and future. Of course you will pass through the fights and firefights. But also you need walk through the ancient passes, abandoned and forgotten by people places.
Only you will make the choice - what you will do in this world. Main plot is linear. But plot like a tree have a roots and branches. This side routes is your choice. Like in real life, our lives is route between birth and death. Routs we choose by yourself and this is a main treasure of our short adventures here. We can choose the way. And I want that Drake choose the way by itself.

In this way you have no markers and lines which lead you to the end. It will be a bad game if you look at design of Drake from standards of this days. But It will be good for me. It will good for Drake. Life is too short to pass the way with standards. Sorry for this.

Last in this update another one released animation of Drake. For example you can see previous animation to see what progress we have now. Also I need add a one little post-scriptum.


I want congrats all people who write comments here and write letters for me. On this moment we choose the way of HD graphics for backgrounds and pixel-art for foregrounds. After tests and first screens we can together evaluate what we have. And made the next decision. Thanks for your time and attention to the Drake.
Drake have a little count of observers - but each is valuable. I collect all the views. The final decision, of course, I do myself, even if it goes against the majority opinion. But your voice, your opinion and your point of view - are taken into account, and counted. Do not doubt.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #20

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #20

News 6 comments

First released animation of Drake, new sketh and additional world information.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #19

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #19


New game art, progress of game-screen mockup, current stage info.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #18

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #18

News 1 comment

Very short info about status of project and rare piece of art.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #17

Drake: The Golden Hind Story - News Block #17

News 7 comments

New concept-art, animations, articles, samples of Art Style of Drake and more.

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Looks gorgeous!
Like the concept!
Nice work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Weila Creator

Thank You!
See you soon!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The art style is fantastic! Love the direction and the attention to fluid movement. Good stuff. Looks like a great game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Weila Creator

I mean that concept-art must form full image of game in my head. And this illustrate of my thinking. But finally this images and many of this ideas be stylize to final image. Many of developers work without massive artwork and this eventually very harmful to the integrity of the game. Often when I play in games, feel something like autor untold something. And, for example, if I want put into the game poster of Gas Monopoly of Queen, I must fully understand why i do this. Not for increasing details on the game screen, but because I want tell you short story via images about part of this world.
I understand that this work increase lenght of development, but I want make Game, not a game for good sales. Game world are much more interested when game-designer think about world and tell the stories not only with the dialogues and texts, but also with images, music and with every piece of world. Maybe this is a hard task, but also this is very interested to do.

Sorry for long explanations. But this is a my little sickness. People who know me often laughed about this. In some cases this is a very funny - you ask about weather, but listen about point of view on the seasons of each year and people's attitude towards this. Or maybe I just fear that people can understand me wrong. I don't know. Character trait. Maybe. Heh... i feel that I say what I must say before first answer. Yep. I think so.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Weila Creator

Thank You. But this is just a concept-art. Most likely Art-style of future game will be something between a pixel-art and hand-drawn graphics. I'm not finish with my tests. This (this concept-art) is emotional drawings. Something like I want feeling from this game. But part of this work of course be transfer into the game. In old games of Westwood Studios artist was made incredible special effects.

I have to warn about it. Since this platfomer adventure instead 3D Action or cinematic game with triple-A visual effects.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

My god, another amazing game, i think this will also be a promising game, loved it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Weila Creator

We will try do not disappoint you. It's a main fear of our work. Because our vision on platformer genre may differ from the visions of gamers. But... we have only one way to know that. And thank you for this warm words!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

What engine are you using for this amazingness?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Weila Creator

Haxe/NME + flixel. Don't ask me what is this. Have no idea. I just asking our programmer (laughing). If we understand that we need something more - choose another engine.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Weila Creator

You are welcome. It's a open game development process. On all your questions we have answers. No advertise, no promo lies, and will no polite versions of happenings like in big gamedev. Just ask. Thanks for your attention to Drake.

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