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  • Play as an Exzore – As Master Exzore, you have the ability to equip up to six unique mechanical gadgets at a time - to help in combat and exploration. Each of these gadgets is different from one another and offer unique special abilities.

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  • Faction Affinity System – Favor any faction of your choice to get special missions, rewards, benefits, and abilities. Each faction has its own motivations and agendas. Choose your faction carefully as it may alter the game progression and ending.

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  • Companion – Icarus, your pet Golden Eagle is your most trusted ally in the field. Use his abilities to perform various scouting activities, right from spotting targets or treasures to aiding in combat.

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  • Dynamic World – Feel the game world react to various natural factors like time, seasons, weather (rain, snowfall, the wind), day-night cycle etc. Player interaction and exploration alter the game world, making it more alive.
  • Smart Characters and Enemies – Every character in the game has his/her own mind and will develop through the game. Everyone, right from common town folk to your greatest enemies will get smarter and stronger as you level up too.
  • Non-linear Quests – Every quest in the game is designed to be completed in many different ways. Every choice has its own unique outcomes and consequences.
  • Unique Combat system – Indulge in well-crafted combat system containing smart and challenging foes. Mix and match multiple Exzore abilities in combination with your weapons to create powerful combos.

Improved RPG Elements

Not your typical RPG

Right from the pre-production, we decided not to go down the usual RPG road. We do not have magic, monsters, dragons elves or giants. We focused more on reality, but we also wanted to include some kind of fantasy element to the game, if not it would become a sheer medieval simulator. We want to make an RPG that is very unique; to deliver something exciting that gamers will remember. This is why we introduced the concept of having special abilities using mechanical gadgets, fitted on unique humans called "Exzores"

Modular Crafting

Our well-designed modular crafting system allows you to make your own weapons and armors. Each weapon or armor is made up of 3 pieces, each holding unique stats, buffs or infliction debuffs. You can mix and combine any 3 pieces in respective slots to create your unique equipment to your heart's content.

Modular crafting

Rewarding Open World

You have the complete freedom to just pick a point and venture off to explore unique places of interest. Experience encounters, ambushes, non-linear events and much more. Discover lore stones and unlock special mission branches which lead to ancestral treasures. There are four diverse regions that have differences not only in aesthetics but also in the life it inhibits and resources it can offer.

Character Development

Develop your character by spending your experience points on stats, level ups, perks, and skills. There are 4 skill trees available to hone Damien’s skills in combat and exploration. Take up the ‘Guardian’ stance wielding fine longswords or be a ‘Warrior’ wielding mighty hammers and axes. Become a gadget master by maxing out the ‘Deadly Exzore’ skill tree or master exploration by training your eagle using the ‘Falconer’ skill tree. The skill tree is designed carefully to give a meaningful impact on how you want to play the game.

Skill tree bw

Mini games

The inhabitants of Eogaan know how to have a good time. Take a break from your adventure and visit a local tavern to participate in knife throwing or fist fighting. Play for fun or fame but also earn coins and unique rewards. Will you beat the best in all four factions to become the champion of Eogaan?

Meaningful Quests

Although there are cool mechanics, repetitive or grinding quests can make the game boring after a point. That is why our quests are all crafted carefully to add significance to the game's story and progression. Instead of overwhelming the player with an insane number of soulless quests, we want to rather ensure that the ones we have are rich in detail, highly immersive and unique. We do have a decent amount of quests; just not too many insignificant ones, just to make the game lengthy.

You decide what to do, how to do!

Our game world is large and filled with opportunities which you can choose to use or abuse. Every quest in the game will have multiple ways of doing it, and you will be given the option to choose which path you want to follow. Each path will yield different rewards, and affinities will be altered according to the choices you make. Every choice you make in the game will have consequences; sometimes your choice may even change the game world and the progression. Being a hero or a villain is entirely up to you!

The Hero

Damien Clive, the master Exzore has been betrayed by one of his own men, Devon Allmand. He gets stabbed twice by Devon himself in an ambush. He fails to save his king; to fulfill his primary duty as an Exzore Commander. Upon recovery, he emerges from the death bed and sets off on an adventure to reclaim his honor. He aims to take revenge on Devon and to retake the lost kingdom to hand it over to the rightful King. This is not a simple feat and Damien cannot do this alone! He has to find and regroup the banished Exzores and also get support from factions. During his adventure, he also uncovers the secrets of his ancestors to become a "Legendary Exzore".

World Of Eogaan

The large world of Eogaan allures to be explored. You'll visit the high streets and back alleys of the politically rotten Grand City of Kymoria; delve into the wet and dirty swamps of Cighir Morass where Oorun Tree remains at its greatness; trek through the frigid erratic parts of Qaark Heights where there is a deep underground iron mine; and the thick jungles of Crossroads that is filled with ruins, abandoned settlements and spoils of war.

world low updated thinfont

Having four main regions that are very diverse from each other, Eogaan houses a broad mix of fascinating people from different factions and social classes - everything from filth covered beggars to the wealthiest of kings.

Eogaan is filled with sprawling cities, majestic castles, unfathomed caves, dozens of settlements, thick forest, long rivers, abandoned ruins, forts, battlegrounds and much more! The world lives alongside you and resonates with your every action. It also has a complex ecosystem, dynamic seasons and beautiful natural organic spaces, to make exploration more exciting.

The Four Factions Of Eogaan

There are four factions in Eogaan, each having its own community of people, following their own faction rules. They have different motivations and are not in good terms with each other. As you play the game, your interactions between the different factions will affect the game's story and how it progresses.





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