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Eulora is an MMORPG with a real cash economy, published by the Ministry of Games. Mining is functional. You explore the environment (command /explore) and sometimes find goodies. If you find anything you obtain a (lockable) claim, which you can either develop directly (raw materials required) or trade away to another player. A total of 10 basic harvestables + 9 farming, 8 mining and 8 lumbering items (35 total) are available (along with dedicated exploration tools for each line). Crafting is functional. A total of 69 different recipes await your efforts (some of these are available from the merchants, and some require more advanced tools and equipment - which you can craft yourself!) The game has a dedicated irc channel for all your technical or gameplay needs : #eulora on Freenode.

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Each player may bring me one tool item of their choice, that bears their crafter mark (ie, it says "Crafted by X" where X is the player in question). I will then alter its name (to "X's Blessed Y", whatever Y may be) and change its quality to equal however many seconds the player had spent in game so far. So this is an excellent opportunity to get very high quality items for whatever purpose you prefer.

Along with this event, the loot system will be cranked to its mature phase. /explore will no longer be nearly guaranteed to produce a find, and consequently the finds will be significantly larger. This incarnation of the loot system is designed to produce a minimal result of ~90% for players, with rare results of 400% or above occurring roughly a half dozen times per ten thousand assays (the system is not capped, so in principle very large finds are possible if unlikely).

It is possible that this system will be cranked up to a ~75% minimal result for players, with rare results over 2`000% occurring about a dozen times per ten thousand assays and even rarer results over 10`000% occurring about a dozen time every quarter million assays (still not capped, but obviously slightly higher probability of very large finds). Whether to implement this or not hasn't actually been decided yet, the model exists as a possibility in case the relative safety of "always 90% or more" turns out boring in practice. Feel free to contribute your cents on the matter.

Extant claims that are older than June 7th will be deleted at some point during the week after the event. Generally speaking after this point claims will survive on the map an interval of time related to their value, so while it is generally safe to assume they will still be there for a while after you find them, it is not safe to assume they will be there forever.

That'd be all for now, see you all Sunday!

PS. Attendance over the 12 days, 9 hours during which the game has been available totals 1`655`069 seconds, which comes to an average of ~1.7 seconds/second (which is to say that on average over the entire interval, ~1.7 people were logged on). This I dare say is not bad for yet!


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One of the things I like the most when it comes to RPGs is the fact that you can really take the role of a character and shape its future as you see fit. Eulora is a game that provides you with exactly that, and it brings in front a very interesting, exciting and very appealing experience, all created in the form of an MMO that you will enjoy.

With Eulora you get a very simple gameplay, since it’s an MMORPG with a real cash economy. Simply put, you explore the game world, complete quests and trade items for real money. Yes, you can actually get and withdraw quite a lot of money, something that provides you with an extraordinary and high quality, enjoyable experience.

You will be able to explore the world in any way you deem necessary, and based on your exploration you can acquire rewards, or you can find mystical elements. These are great if you want to trade with other players, because you can make quite a lot of money that will bring you amazing results that will be much appreciated. Of course, the gameplay does change as you play, because each place is different and with a lot of challenges on its own, which is truly impressive.

There are some ideas that you need to face which are a little hard to understand at first, but the reality is that the gameplay does tend to get more interesting and exciting because of that.

Graphically, Eulora looks very impressive, despite being an open source game. You do have the ability to explore a beautifully designed world and it’s surely one of the best things that you can do with this title. It’s a refined experience and one that can bring you immense gameplay ideas and astounding challenges as you see fit. Of course, the more you play, the more locations you will be able to discover and the better the gameplay will get. There are challenges that appear along the way, but the best part about it is that the entire experience is truly extraordinary, so you will love it for sure!

Harvesting and exploring are some of the main things to do, but you do have some combat here as well. Still, I like that the main focus is on combat, as it does manage to bring in quite a lot of refinement for the entire title as a whole, which is truly important especially when it comes to a game like this. It’s the entire uniqueness of the game that makes this stand out, because you will love every moment that comes from playing it, you can rest assured of that.

In conclusion, Eulora does manage to offer a lot of interesting elements for an MMORPG and since it’s free you can play it without a problem. The ability to make money online with it is truly extraordinary, and you will surely enjoy playing it, that’s a guarantee! So, don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into playing it, you will have a blast!

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