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Endless Island is a fantasy adventure MMORPG, placing you in the shoes of a stranded castaway on a small island, it tasks you to shape and build the island, with the assistance of your first mate (a beach ball), you create a vibrant community of sailors and progress to become governor of a small colony! And that's just the beginning of your adventures! With a large world to explore, many quests to do and monsters to slay, gear to craft and levels to gain, all within an interesting hand-crafted world. Invite your friends to play on our main server, or download the server files and host your own! Endless Island is also a free, open-source server that you can modify to shape your version of the game just how you want it! Share your modifications with us and the community on our forums, where you can find development support and more!

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EIM DevBlog


Development Log: 5
[+] Added Treasure Island Map.
[+] Added daily job boards for "doing the rounds" on bosses, to Arcadia square.
[+] Added Old Ben - treasure hunt quest - introduction to better gear above legendary.
[+] Added new resource Exaltium.
[+] Added Legendary < Exaltium accessories upgrade to Shrine in Dark Island.
[+] Added randomising daily quest system with 18 possible quest targets / rewards in one script.
[?] Quest possible targets: Collect resources - clay, wood or stone. Collect animal parts - meat, eyes, bones or claws. Collect money - 2000, 5000, 7500 or 10000. Kill monsters - werewolf, puppet, vampire or vampiress. Recover items, gnome doll, gnome hat or golem stone.
[?] Quest possible rewards: EXP + EXP, Coins + EXP or Exaltium + EXP.
[+] Added 11 NPCs split between 3 towns with the randomised quest system.

Development Log: 4
[+] Added Dark Island expansion (5 maps).
[+] Added Demon Sorcerer boss to Dark Island.
[+] Modified all [Boss] type and Dragon NPC's and reduced Defence and Evasion.
[+] Added Arcadia Skill Master to Arcadia square.
[+] Added Bandage Self skill to Arcadia Skill Master.
[+] Reduced HP on all Dark Island NPC's (balancing).
[+] Added Renown Points for sale @ 3000 Copper Coins each in the Tavern.
[+] Added an option to sell all renown items to the renown rewards NPC for Copper Coins.

Development Log: 3
[+] Added 20 Fairysoda for Guards daily quests to the world.
[+] Added many more resource node spawns for early maps + Resources Island.
[+] Added Atlas GUI to the client + some new music.
[+] Added music to maps.

Development Log: 2
[+] Modified website layout, added players map (still to add finished map images).
[+] Added Mystery Island expansion (4 new maps).
[+] Added Mystery Island Boss - Nemo.
[+] Added a 1% chance for any [Epic], [Renowned] or [Legendary] gear to drop from Apozen or Nemo (total 100% drop chance).
[+] Added Sea Chart system to the Sea Captain NPC (Unlock new areas with Sea Charts).
[+] Added Sea Charts store to Arcadia.
[+] Added Open Beta Rewards temporary system (Some rewards for players who took part in the open beta testing).
[?] Reset all open beta testing players back to starting state ready for release date.
[+] Added Gambling in the tavern.
[/] Modified Roberts, into Wilfred!
[/] Modified [Legendary] craft requirements (more renown points needed).

Development Log: 1
[+] Added the website, some more will be added to it likely, as needed.
[+] Added [Renowned] Gear to an NPC in the Tavern.
[+] Added Renown Points to Daily Greeting rewards.
[+] Added Copper Coins to the drops for 25 Wild Animal type NPC's.
[+] Added Renown Point stacks to the drops for bosses, set bosses to an 100% drop chance of an item.
[+] Increased Renown Points drops for Island Invasion enemies.
[+] Added [Epic] Gear to Arcadia Armory.
[?] Current Gear Ranking: Shop < [Epic] < [Renowned] < [Legendary].
[+] Increased base weight to 200.

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Endless Island Client

Endless Island Client

Full Version

The latest Client - Set up to connect to our new server host @ game.eons.host

EOMods Tools

EOMods Tools

Server Tool

A collection of tools to edit and develop EOSERV and EOMods.

EIM Server 1.1 (Complete EIM+EOSERV+MySQL).

EIM Server 1.1 (Complete EIM+EOSERV+MySQL).


Endless Island Dedicated Server Complete Version: EIM + EOSERV + MySQL.

EOMods Client 1.0

EOMods Client 1.0

Full Version

The latest EOMods client, set up to connect to our EIM Server on game.eomods.com.

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