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Elemental World:The Sacrifice is aiming to be the spiritual successor of Interplay's game Sacrifice which was released in 2000 only making minor upgrades and modern twists such as better graphics,a few new features such as terrain modifying or unit possession but still keep the same feel and difficulty. So far a quick prototype has been made which has the roughed out UI,and some basic RTS elements like unit control and the RPG aspect of quests,spells and combat. This game hopes it can be as good as the original in its own way.

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Kickstarter Launched


Hi everyone just a quick update on the post earlier
Kickstarter to get development on this has been launched and greenlight here


also the video earlier had some issues screen recording in the game engine but the kickstarter video is better as it was recorded in a running version of the game (.exe rather then in engine)

Even if you dont have the money to help the kickstarter a share of the greenlight and kickstarter will be a big help

Back to the project :D

Back to the project :D


Hi everyone sorry for the silence for the long time i been busy with real world issues and almost forgot about this site having a page. Game development...

IndieDB Forum made

IndieDB Forum made


Just a quick update while the game gets features made letting everyone know we have set up a forum on the indiedb where you can ask questions,chat etc...

Update video

Update video

News 6 comments

Here is the first update video showing what the game looks like so far in terms of basic scripts etc. More features will be added soon and the art will...

Update on the The Sacrifice

Update on the The Sacrifice

News 3 comments

Just a quick update there is enough early interest to upgrade this from prototype to project. Work has started making the area to choose which guardian...


Pendrokar is casting "Track game" spell "Nostro, Domini, Mastadok, Culpa, Veratu". Pendrokar hears "You are low on mana.". Gonna have something like that again?

Good luck with your project!

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wiseowlstudios Creator

Possibly it all depends on if can get the coders etc as my knowlage is limited to knowing it a basic like if manacost>curmana trigger sound file and if we can get the funds i would like to have celeb Vo like in old game with tim curry etc
I would also like to have it where depending the levels you pick you get diff creatures etc just like the old one

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just a reminder this week the game is on sale and having an event for our 1 year on steam Store.steampowered.com

Nov 6 2018

Brand new on @Kickstarter: Elemental World Rise Of The Guardians by Wise Owl Studios LTD Kck.st

Oct 15 2015

get closed alpha access to steam release of elemental world here Wommpomm.com

Mar 14 2015

Elemental World has just been green lit all that's left is the paperwork and integration and it will be on steam :D

Dec 25 2014

the new trailer for our fundraiser that starts in a few months Youtube.com

Oct 25 2014

the games update has been delayed due to getting a large update as well as trailers etc being made for fundraiser but next patch asap

Oct 8 2014

The game is almost upgraded had some setbacks due to uni but almost done fundraiser soon to hire staff to speed progress up

Sep 6 2014

Lore for the games guardians have been uploaded in this playlist Youtube.com

Jul 23 2014

Elemental world 40% off for the next week Next update soon with upgraded systems and more content soon Desura.com

Jul 20 2014