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Efídeas will have a new story with new characters.

Efídeas is a RPG game where you is a very strong warrior who "was sleeping long ago", you do not know why this because you forgot to everything that has happened before...
Íris, Orphon and more friends will help you always, Íris shows him the right path and will do everything for you, she will be with you most of the time.

Defeat the bosses, kill enemies, explore, Discover, complete journeys, missions, etc. Efídeas is an open world that you can get playing for 5 days only by supplementing journeys, missions, side-missions, finding items, equipment, unlocking planets, cities, etc! Each update millions of new things are added for you to enjoy even more!

This game will make you: laugh, entertain, be afraid, having rabies, have relief, have happiness, etc...

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Version 0.2.0

These are the details of the future update of game, this list you will find: new things that will be added, bugs and new special missions of the update: Hidden Shadows

All new game update brings a new special mission, called JOURNEY, each day that you complete a journey you will be earning points and etc…


After years, we feel our so dreamed Syndane. But many hidden things we can find, things are much more powerful lost… You will help us?

What will you do in this mission:

  • Enter in the Void

  • Steal enemies’ data

  • Discover new planets

  • Discover new enemies

  • Discover new bosses

  • Discover some new friends

  • Defeat a boss

  • Etc

  • The journey will continue in version 0.4.0.

You will need a Elytrium to make some missions of this journey!

More details will be added when the version 0.2.0 is released!

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