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There's always a right way to do bad things - experience yours!

  • In different countries, they call me гопник (gopnik), white trash, chav, ned, bogan, racaille, assi, dres, flaite, ars, knacker, marozas (forsas), urla, ossid, naco, harry, tokkie, villero, tróger, cocalar, džiber čefur, begal, 痞子, カツアゲ, and many other names …
  • I feel best when I see three-stripes, especially when they are on my tracksuit…
  • The best thing in my life is to squat and eat "semechki"…
  • I like top-notch cars like the “Golf,” but now I can afford only “Lada” or “Moskvich,” and I love them a bit more than I love women …
  • I like vodka very much, but I do not buy it because right now, it is too expensive for me. I’d rather make samogon …
  • I do not buy cigarettes. I usually just pick them up from other people right on the street … If you will hear the question, “do you have a cigarette?” you will know it’s me! Don't even try to say no. WHAT IF I FIND IT?! ...CY%A BL$AT!!!
  • I smuggle cigarettes, fuel, and other stuff from neighboring countries where prices much lower, and I sell it for the best price in the local market or even further, even though it is riskier ...
  • For me, rules are just for one purpose – they must be broken …
  • And I am afraid of nothing ...
  • CHEEKI BREEKI, CY%A BL$AT or KURVA are not bad words; these are the main words in my language …
  • I love to do crazy things. If you do too, you can try to beat me; if you are lucky, of course!

Build your smuggling Empire and make your own way to success!




So what is it all about?

The story begins when Viktor gets out of the jail and finds himself in an unfortunate country of Landestainia, where either you smuggle something, or some local smuggling baron hires you to do smuggling for him. Viktor has only a fiver in his pocket, so he must kick some asses and deal with border patrols to establish and develop his own "BIG biznis" and finally rule the smuggling Empire!

There are a bunch of ways to make money in Landestainia. Many various tasks, including stealing and selling things, or “buttlegging” in massive scale from the Republic of Buttland, will bring in relative amounts of money. With the freedom of choice, you either can try your luck, or you can bribe government officials to get safe passage through the border. Choose the wisest strategy to develop your criminal Empire because anyone else can take your place!

The game is divided into 3 stages. In each of these stages, you will be playing as:

  1. "Gopnik"
  2. “The Driver”
  3. Smuggling Baron

All tasks will differ by the game stage.

In the "Gopnik's" stage, you will be doing tasks such as smuggling tobacco, alcohol, refugees, etc., perform an observation, or do other legal or illegal jobs. If you are willing to risk, even more, you can steal something such as parts from cars and sell them to dealers or in the local marketplace. Of course, that will affect the behavior of the environment, so you must think about that before you do it. While you are “Gopnik,” most of the tasks can be done on foot; but if you already can afford a bike or other transport – good for you.

In general, the smuggling activities can be divided into three levels:

  1. Smuggling small amounts through the border pass (up to 1000 packs);
  2. Smuggling in medium scale by car (more than 1000 packs, but less than 10 boxes);
  3. Smuggling in large scale by train or in the truck trailer (more than 10 boxes).

While you are in the “Gopnik” stage, you can do “bootlegging” on foot, using a bike, horse and carriage, or by car with hideouts. And of course, you will have many other ways to do “buttlegging.”

In the "Driver" stage, you will be hired by the local smuggling Baron as a smuggler. And you will have to buy a car and also specialized equipment to avoid pursuit of the border patrol.

Making the right investments in the car can dramatically increase your profit. For example, you can equip your vehicle with NOS and special weapons to puncture the tires of border patrol cars and much more other upgrades.

When you become a smuggling baron, you will be able to place “job” offers and organize “buttlegging” in other different ways, such as stuffing cigarettes in concrete construction cargos or simply by bribing officials to make a bigger profit.

Although this is not a multiplayer game, you will compete with other online players the whole time.

Your results will be listed in the scoreboard where your achievements will be rated by time spent in the game and earned money.

Also, you will be able to play multiplayer mini-games such as “bar fight” and similar ones, to interact with other online players.

Key features

  • The best thing is that you will be playing not only against AI players but sometimes also real people – like “The Boss” will mess up things! This means that all game progress will be monitored and controlled by community managers. But also, sometimes players from the same server can become “The Boss.” Of course, the player will get control for a very short time, to have the chance to get an advantage against other players, or to help his colleagues!
  • In “Boss” mode player will be able to control only some actions of the border patrol and police. For example, you can send border patrol to wait and ambush the area where your biggest opponent will try to cross the border. You even can raise or lower the border security level for that amount of time while you are the moderator of the game.
  • Eastern European: The Game is an open world action/adventure game with comedy and survival game elements and a character progression system where knowledge and skills are crucial for long-term survival and player growth possibilities.
  • The player will have to balance basic level needs (food, water, sex, sleep, smoke, have fun).
  • Knowledge-based skills will progress in two ways: when a player finds unique items, or when he does the same tasks. When skills grow, you will be able to make bigger “steps.” For example, while you smuggle goods your smuggling skill level will rise, and border patrols will be less suspicious.
  • You will be able to drive stock cars or build handmade custom vehicles. The player can make motor vehicles from various junk that can be found in the area.
  • Vehicle damage system.
  • Full year cycle (day/night, spring, summer, autumn, winter).
  • The dynamic weather system will add different challenges to all tasks in the game.

We would love to hear what you think about it. Any comments would be highly appreciated!

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Hardbass Squating - The Game®
Chekki the Brekki Edition

Pre-preorder physical now and get mayonez (DLC) inside it.
(ONLY available on Eastern)

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EasternEuropeanGame Creator

Oh CYKA BLYAT!!! I'm buying that for sure!!! :D

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Hey, Viktor, the game looks great, I hope the development is still going.

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EasternEuropeanGame Creator

Sure, working very hard! ;)

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