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They perish in vain, seeking treasure at the depths of hell itself. Such is the fate of the adventurer...
-- loosing their way in a maze far from civilization
-- dying, forgotten by those they wanted to save
-- sacrificing themselves for the freedom they hold so dear

Fighting, giving it their all, sacrificing all they are just to die in vain.

Within this despair there lies a cry for salvation
Within these cries, there lies a prayer...
-- and within prayers... there lies power.

You are the god of the adventureres, the god the dungeons. Wished into existance by those who desire hope. It is now your task to protect your followers in the dungeons and guide them ever so deep into a maze which knows no bounds.

## Features
- Create dungeons by smartly aligning the falling rooms
- Watch out for monsters!
- Distribute buffs such as healing or attack crystals wisely
- Rooms can have "colors" (red rooms indicate "strong monsters"). These colors can affect each other, plan the layout with this in mind!
- Open up paths for your adventurer by using the doors
- Gather followers at your shrine and become stronger
- Carry out rituals to gain new powers
- Thrilling boss battles

You are god! Dungeon god takes traditional role playing games literally from a different perspective.

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Be revived!

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The games back on track. Last year I was in a kind of depressive mood and had no fun developing games. But as it is with gamedevs, of course I also couldnt just be still. So I ended up working on a 3D engine for android which I am using for my current main project I will post here as well at a later time.

Anyways, now that my main project has taken some shape reminding me of an actual game, I somehow started to look back at my old projects to see what I did right and wrong there and learn from my errors. And while doing this I ended up finding this game again and DANG I had fun playing it. I really remember why I actually created it in the first place, I had fun playing it.

So I decided to give things another go. Please feel free to play and test the game! Any feedback is welcome you may bully me to hell and back. In particular, I am aware that there are major issues with the controls and I would like to hear as many thoughts on this as possible.

Beta release

Beta release


Okay, after a bit of more of delay than planned, I think I can now announce the release of the beta version of Block Story.

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Dungeon God

Dungeon God

Full Version

The game. Be aware, it has ads. If you dont like them, turn off the internet. If you feel like supporting me, leave the net on!

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Latest posts from @tyrfingx

Adding new unlockable buildings for better specialization of holdings. #gamedev T.co

Mar 16 2015

New progress report on indiedb Indiedb.com #gamedev

Mar 16 2015

Multiplayer got more stable but still not stable enough. Muh debug grinding. #gamedev #screenshotsaturday T.co

Mar 15 2015

Going to do some testplay & bugfinding/fixing today. Hopefully more fixing than finding. #gamedev T.co

Mar 15 2015

Justifications now 1 time use only, because spamming war for the same reason was lame also 200 followers yay #gamedev T.co

Mar 13 2015

Doing some rebalancing so inhabitants show some better migration behavior between the holdings. #gamedev T.co

Mar 12 2015

Dontpressjump.com literally why #gamedev

Mar 12 2015

Some more AI work (this time for army management), dealing with units blocking each other and stuff. #gamedev T.co

Mar 12 2015

Starting to teach the AI how to build roads. Currently working okayishly. Heuristics need a lot of work #gamedev T.co

Mar 12 2015