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Distant Home is a partially team based shooter with various game modes. A rouge terrorist group known as the B.A.T. has taken control over Earth from the A.R.C. originally founded to restore peace and reunite Earth's fractured major powers. Your job is to retake it, or keep it. Join the fight now!

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Want to be in the closed alpha test crew? Apply now at the link above.

Once available, an e-mail will be sent to all accepted members containing instructions on how to play and test the build. That's all.

- Dirt Productions -

Sorry, peeps. Another delay

Sorry, peeps. Another delay


So we previously postponed out closed alpha launch to December, now. Well, it's happening again. To avoid any more awkward situations, this time we're...

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Jun 26 2016

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Mar 30 2016

Working on Distant home in a lil bit

Mar 9 2016

RT @cwinsys32: Which ones the least corrupt?

Feb 23 2016

I have to admit I'd lost my motivation over time and it's slowly coming back 😁 Wish me luck :DD

Feb 17 2016