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Turn your country into a tourist paradise or an industrial power or ruling with an iron fist!

Democracy is a city manager game in early development, our inspirations for the game comes mostly from classic city builder games. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and still in development. All decision, building, edicts will affect the whole island. Democracy hybrids gameplay of classic RTS with modern city builder games.


Right now, we are only focused on finishing the game and releasing it on PC. But we really do want to see Democracy running on PS4 and XBox One. We recommend the mouse and keyboard for this game, but with some practice you can controll easily the game with Gamepad.


We are Developing Democracy using Epic Games Unreal engine 4. We were originally building Democracy using the CryEngine 3, but we have switched to Unreal Engine 4 in December of 2015. While we are a huge fan of Unreal Engine 3 because of its power and flexibility.

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Name of our project


Game title
Some citizen say to us there is another game with "Democracy" title yes, we know about that and later we rethink and change our game title. Stay tuned for more info

-Your Idea
We like to know what type of buildings like to see you in our game in the future. Write your idea and we choose our favorite and put in to the game.

Best regards Democracy Staff.

System Requirement

System Requirement


Planned System Requirement This is not the final system requirement for the game.

Tleno - - 1,074 comments

Are you aware there is already game series named Democracy? En.wikipedia.org(video_game)
I mean, have you considered some alternative titles in case Positech express any complaints later on?

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