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Meticulously crafted dark tech-noir/cyberpunk space adventure. Now in pre-aplha.


Build version 01.29.700. First pre-alpha demo.

Deep Space Noir pre-alpha demo 01.29.700

Looks like it could be interesting, but I really wish there was a video that showed what actual gameplay looked like because right now all the videos I clicked through were just like trailers or random slip drifting through and asteroid field clips, but nothing that showed me what the *actual* game was like.

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pomstachepro Author

All videos represent current state of affairs. You will experience exactly what's shown on them, should you download the demo. These are the core mechanics that are in place at the moment. I get what you are saying, but there's only so much a single zero experience dev who doesn't do white/grayboxing can do in their spare time. That said, you won't find the content you are looking for soon, but there's quite a lot in the game even now to be worth your while.

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