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Have you ever wanted to play a mining simulation? Do you love the idea of mining gold? If so, this is the game to watch! In Crazy GoldRush:Dredging you will start off operating your own gold dredge. You will search the sea for gold to build your dredging empire. This game's main focus will be to keep you engaged and amused at the same time. Who know's what might happen on the open sea? Be prepared for things you might not ever have imagined.

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The reason why I am attempting to make a playable copy in 30 days is this:

1. It's my first game, that being said I know a lot of people want to make a game and either can't or don't follow through.

2. I want to show that when I have deadlines, I meet them. That just saying X date this will be done doesn't mean anything if it never happens. I'm pretty much marching to my death if I fail. I'm putting myself out there for the whole world and my peers to judge me. Not much pressure is it?

3. It's important to find your strengths and weaknesses. In a game like CGR:D it's reasonably possible for me to make it in 30 days. Is it true, to say the same about a 3D game? No. So this will give me a better chance to see what I could do better on or perhaps hire someone to do that for me on my next game. Wink Wink.

This game will never cost a dime.

I say this because every indie developer has hopes and wishes that his first game will be his full source of income.
This isn't realistic for people breaking into the market. Sure maybe it has happened, but it doesn't happen for everyone.

So I believe that in order for players to have trust in me as a developer, I have to have trust in them. That doesn't happen easily for starters, especially when they put a unjustifiable price on a game that doesn't deserve it.

So I encourage players to follow me along the way, join in on the process and hopefully you'll enjoy my game. Through that maybe you'll trust, that I am passionate about making games I love to completion.

Maybe down the road when I have that trust, my players will help me make a game WE both love. Here's to 30 days starting now.

New Screenshot!

Development Log Update!

Update 8 1:53 PM 4/9/2015

- Created 1 Dredge Upgrade
- First of 10 Dredge Upgrades

- Created Wallpaper for CGR:D
- Created New Logo for CGR:D

- Added New Water Texture
- More realistic/Higher Resolution

- Modified and updated the Land/Beach Texture
- More realistic

- Replaced 3D Sprites with 2D Sprites after test
- 3D Sprites might be introduced later on, but not now

- Created "Plan of Attack Deadline"

- Created "Plan of Attacked Deadline" Progress Meter
- Will display current progress on my deadlines

- Updated Social Media pages to reflect new Media
- Twitter, Facebook, IndieDB, ETC.

- Added a New Screenshot
- Featuring Beach/Water Texture Updates

- Added a Paypal Button to Facebook page
- CGR:D will never cost money but feel free to donate

New Wallpaper for CGR: D - Will be added later today to download

A little about me and the game

Crazy GoldRush: Dredging is developed by one person named Chris (Hi) from Buffalo,NY .
It is currently being created on one of the worst laptops ever! Presario Compaq V2000, 1.8ghz,
Radeon 200m Graphics card 2gb's of ram, WinXP.

The funding for this game is almost non-existent. I will be sinking any money I have that isn't going towards staying alive to this game. It's important to understand this as most people develop games with much better hardware and way more finances.

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Crazy GoldRush:Dredging WallPaper

Crazy GoldRush:Dredging WallPaper


This is a Wallpaper for Crazy GoldRush:Dredging Directions: Extract CGRDWallPaper1280.7z wherever you like on your computer.(Desktop works fine) For Windows...

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