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My name is Chris! I come from the land of snow and losing sports teams, that's right Buffalo,NY.

I've been working on game related projects off and on over the last 12-13 years.

During that time I have dabbled in: Level Design,3D Modeling, snapping pictures of random things in the real world to turn into textures and anything game related that jumps out at me.

I enjoy Tim Hortons Coffee as it fuels me up for long hours of game design/development.

Some of my favorite Genre's are:
Sci-Fi:Anything space related catches my attention.
Suvival Horror: Gotta love Resident Evil series!
FPS:Half-life was the first game I ever made a room AKA a box!
Strategy:AOE,StarCraft(Who knows how much money blizzard made after my cd-rom shredded 2-3 copies of my SC:BW)
MMORPG:Ultima Online was my obsession once(Stupid T.N.L.= Trammel Newbie Looters)

I am currently working on my game Crazy GoldRush:Dredging by myself which at times can feel like a lot of work. Don't get me wrong I love it!

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Crazy GoldRush:Dredging Alpha 0.0.3 Game Link!

9/7/2016 Update Log and Bug Fixes:

-Changed Pirate Behavior
-Pirates now avert their attack if the player has enough paydirt before they reach your ship.
-Added Animations
-Player and NPC have Animations when moving and dredging.
-Fixed Random Event Mermaid
-Mermaid no longer drains fuel while distracted
-Player no longer gets stuck in the area of where the Mermaid random event last was.
-Reduced 1st Dredge Upgrade sprite size
-Increased Fuel,Sluice and Bank/Gold Exchange range:Now easier for bigger dredges to access.
-Changed the player detection for Fuel/Sluice/Bank(A trigger to enable buttons when in range)
-Now players must come to a complete stop in order to use buttons
-Fixed Players dredges from accelerating in last pressed direction(No more crashing into walls)
-Fixed Dredge Upgrade Button
-$12,000 Cash is removed instantly (Counter would not update till next cash use)
-Fixed Dredging animation
-Now when the player stops dredging the animation for dredging defaults to normal(idle animation)
-Before fix: Player dredge animated even if there was no gold left to dredge

Game Instructions


You are the Captain of a gold dredge (Water Vehicle that uses a hose to suck up gold from the sea floor.
Your goal is to get as much gold as possible. To do that you have 4 resources to pay attention to:


Fuel: This is what powers your dredge. Without it you will stranded.(Will have a Fuel rescue possibly in future)


Paydirt: This is the material that your vehicle suction dredges from the sea floor. You will take this
to the sluicing facility to refine your Paydirt to Gold. To find paydirt you will need to pay attention
to your Gold Scanner. The Gold Scanner will flash to indicate you are currently over a gold deposit!
Once you've found your spot just sit back and let your Captain dredge till the paydirt is gone.


Gold: This is the resource you are after! Once you have sluiced your Paydirt and have your Gold
you will take it to the Bank/Gold Exchange. There you will sell your Gold for cash.


Cash: Who doesn't love Cash? After you get Cash from selling Gold or random event rewards you
will use it to buy Fuel to continue your operation. You will also use cash to purchase Dredge Upgrades.
In the future you will use cash for other things (Possibly to build your own Mining Town/Empire).

Another important aspect of this game is Dredge Upgrades:

Your first Dredge upgrade becomes available after you have acquired $12,000 Cash. After purchase
you will notice that the amount of Paydirt recovered doubles! But be careful because Pirates want your
Paydirt too so make sure to sluice and sell your Gold often.

Occasionally you might stumble across one of three currently active Random Events:


The Mermaid: Just as it says, the mermaid will distract you from working for a short period of time.
During this time your dredge will not be able to move. After the effect is over you will regain control of
your dredge.


The Treasure Booty: You will occasionally find a $10,000 Cash reward that you can use as you wish.
This is a reward that is easy to get currently. In the future it might be more rare to get that amount of money.(Yeah I spelled Bottom wrong)


The Kraken: This tentacle monster will rise up and destroy your dredge. In the future this event will change.
Right now this event triggers Game Over and leads you to a Online HighScore Leaderboard(Might be down due to my free
web service, though it will be fixed once a new host is found).


Pirates: Pirates will attack and board a players dredge if they carry too much Paydirt. If you want to avoid a pirate attack sluice your Paydirt often. If a pirate attacks and you want to prevent it, make your way to the sluicing facility and sluice your Paydirt. If you make it before they reach your dredge you will avert the pirate attack.

Controls are pretty simple right now:
Left Arrow= Left
Right Arrow= Right
Down Arrow= Down
Up Arrow= Up

A big thanks goes out to all of my recent Alpha Testers and Bug Finders:

Skyler: Dredge Size/Fuel Purchase/Mermaid Bug/Alpha Test

Jacob:Alpha Test

Devon:Lack of Instructions/ Alpha Test

Michael: Mermaid Bug/Dredge Size/Fuel Purchase/Gas Draining Bug

I'm still waiting for a few others to send in their reports, but either way this wouldn't of been possible without the time and effort of these awesome individuals.

Each of which also gave great suggestions and comments regarding current gameplay and future possibilities for the CGRD.

If you want to learn more on Gold Dredging and what it's about here's a Wiki link for you En.wikipedia.org

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for future updates!

Crazy GoldRush:Dredging Alpha 0.0.3 Game Link!

Game Link!

Game Link!

ChrisCobay Blog
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