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Conquerrence is a yaoi CYOA eroge game where you take the title of the King of Wevendh after the disappearance of your brother. Surrounded by other nations and its leaders, your decisions shape not only your kingdom, but the world around you. A conqueror of overwhelming force wresting control from other leaders in one on one combat, a diplomat of honeyed words using favor and pressure to your advantage, a dogged investigator into the world's mysteries looking to find your brother, you can be all of these and more depending on your choices. Of course, there are choices to be made in the bedroom as well.

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Hentai and eroge games are extremely popular. The obvious appeal of the genre- NSFW bits- makes any project safer to release and allows developers to experiment with the actual gameplay part. This has led to the creation of some great games even outside of hentai; particularly and surprisingly in the grand strategy genre. For those unfamiliar with grand strategy, this is strategy at the level of a nation, utilizing its resources and/or military to achieve victory. Engaging gameplay brings in audiences who aren't even interested in the NSFW bits.

The problem with such games is that it usually accounts for only one orientation. There's nothing wrong with that, but since I personally prefer guys, I have to look in the yaoi genre.

Don't get me wrong, there are some extremely good yaoi games. However, the yaoi genre is severely lacking, especially in the English sphere. For years I waited for an M/M game to come along that incorporated ideas that have already been done brilliantly in the hentai genre. Needless to say, I got tired of waiting and decided to make my own.


The goal of Conquerrence is to make an M/M game that not only incorporates kinks found in hentai and the grand strategy premise, but pushes it even farther into a game enjoyable even without the NSFW bits. Each and every nation has its own history, culture and identity, making it a thriving world around you. They all have different interconnected relationships, most of which extend well past your kingdom. It is the same case for the leader of each nation, as they have connections to other leaders that you might not expect. Your nation and your character are not special by default: it is by your choices and interaction with other nations and their leaders that make them special.

One thing I found lacking with the way hentai does grand strategy is that it focuses entirely on military strategy. While this is certainly an important aspect and is implemented into Conquerrence by way of leader fight scenes, diplomacy is just as important. As a great fan of court intrigue, the diplomacy I will implement involves spies, knowing things you shouldn't, and threatening without any violence. Please wait warmly for proper implementation, but before then, you can see the beginnings forming in the nation of Frateo.

A passage from Conquerrence, detailing the masked court of Frateo and its constant gossip.

Another thing I found lacking, this time in the yaoi genre, was freedom to choose your role in bed. The character you play is locked in either as a top or bottom. Sometimes you get to choose between the two, but then the love interests are themselves locked as tops or bottoms.

Here, you choose between top, bottom, subtop and powerbottom on a scene by scene basis. While every leader has a preferred role in bed, they will go along with whatever you choose. If it's something they're not used to, they'll even comment on it before the scene commences. This extends to the player character as well. If you usually top but decide to bottom, the player character may think how this is an uncommon occurrence for them. In essence, you get whatever you want regardless.

NSFW scene with Praecantator Timo Feysepp, showing off the different choices

That's all for now. Even if this doesn't spark your interest in Conquerrence, I hope there are other developers who see this and decide to contribute to the yaoi genre. Thank you very much for reading.

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