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Conflict of wisdom is turn based strategy multiplayer game in which players conquer parts of the world by answering quiz questions correctly.

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Introduction to the Conflict of Wisdom

Conflict of wisdom is turn based strategy multiplayer game in which players conquer parts of the world by answering quiz questions correctly.

Game start

Before the game start players join the matchmaking queue where they will be match with other players of similar skill, after enough players were found game will start.

Each of the players will be given a capital region which is at least two regions distant from another player capital. This region will be the only region owned by a given player at the start and used as a starting point for all the following conquest.

Game mechanics

  1. Conquest of the regions: Player are able to conquer only one region per turn, region being conquered has to be a neighbor of at least one of regions owned by the given player. After starting the conquest question with four possible answers will show on screen of all players, only attacking and defending players can pick the answer. In case of tile not being owned by anybody only attacking player can pick the answer. Whoever picks the right answer wins, in case of defender picking right answer region stays owned by defender, in case of attacker picking right answer region ownership is transferred to the attacker. If field is not owned by anybody before the conquest and attacker will not pick correct answer region stays owned by nobody
  2. Tie resolution: In case of both sides picking correct answer, winner is whoever pick the answer first.
  3. Lifelines: Every player will have two once a game lifelines: first one will be 50:50, which will hide 2 incorrect answers, and other will show percentages of other players choosing particular answer to the question

Game end

Every game has two possible means of ending. First one happens when there is only one player who holds all regions. Second one happens after certain number of turns when the player with the highest score wins.

Conflict of Wisdom Gameplay

Conflict of Wisdom Gameplay


This is just a short video how conflict of wisdom looks like.

Conflict of Wisdom Devblog #1

Conflict of Wisdom Devblog #1


Tie Resolution Tie resolution has been implemented into the game prototype. This task was kinda hard because we wanted ties to be more engaging. We achieved...

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