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Discover the intelligence agency workflow. Make the right choices at the right times. Work with agents in the field, be their eyes and ears in this extensive real time action puzzle.

HAC short

Hack and control any devices and objects. Civil Code takes you on a digital battle field. Open doors, use cameras, activate equipment, take full control over your surroundings.

MATW short

Plan your path. Gain access to missions that will take you to different corners of the world.

SD short

Be a watchful and perceptive observer to collect important information during the mission. Search the civil and military databases to learn more about your targets. Database can help you to achieve a goal.

UHW short

Use a variety types of heavy weapons from the military arsenal as a support.

Launch a missile strike in the middle of the city or detonate a micro bomb, you decide how to reach your goal. If you prefer to send in the big guns, that's something you can do.

UAT short

Complete missions using the latest technologies. Take control over drones, spy satellites, thermal imaging cameras and other devices.

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To answer some of your questions we've prepared short description of Civil Code main mechanics. Here they are:

Agents: The player becomes an agent who works as a hacker. Our character is rarely the centre of attention, their role is to gain full control of the surroundings. As a talented IT specialist, you hack all devices that can be helpful to the agents in any way. Whereas the agents are controlled by AI, not the player. The characters react to changes in their surroundings (hacked cameras, security alerts issued by the hacker etc.) and communicate with the player through the chatroom.
The player must provide the agents with precise, legible and structured information. Otherwise, incorrect or chaotic instructions may lead to mission failure.

Stealth system: Not all agents involved in the mission work in the stealth mode. Depending on the scenario, some of them may participate in banquets, drive vehicles etc. Whether an agent is stealth or not depends on their task assigned to a specific mission. The game is flexible and the roles of our sims may change while we play. Stealth agents have predefined AI behaviours and work as best they can, but the success of the mission depends to a large extent by the player. You help the agents by hacking the surroundings, issuing warnings and indicating potentially safest routes.

Hacking System: The hacking system will involve a series of quick mini games resembling a programmable puzzle. First of all, the player must gain access to the components they are interested in. We want each device in the game to be hackable and useful. Starting from a photocopier and an electric kettle, to an entire power network. Access can be gained through a manual connection made by an agent in the field or by passing through subsequent Hubs connecting the devices. Just how quickly a player gains access to individual areas depends on their intellect. The next stage will be to gain control. Game components are linked with each other. Such connections can be changed and modified to gain control over the target component. The better we arrange the connections, the faster we gain control. We should remember to avoid alarms and that our agents keep working in the field and require our attention. We want the connection system to provide a lot of opportunity for interaction between the devices so that they can be used to influence other components. The last stage is to use a hacked component according to the player’s needs. In addition, we can gather information through a network of cameras located in buildings, roads, drones and on the agents. Such information increases our hacking and control ability.

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