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The world is broken. Chaos and fear swept nations as they turned against one another. As the arms race accelerates, they developed robotics facilities in order to develop powerful and sophisticated armies of machines. However, things go wrong as an unseen force subverts those armies and turns their own creations against them. Sundering any chance of peace for mankind. Two droids are rebooted after years and awaken to see a derelict robotics facility. The duo must work together to traverse the hazards by solving puzzles that focus on colour coordination and skill, in order to find the truth of what happened to the facility, and the identity of the danger lurking just out of their reach.

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DevOrDie Studios shows off Chroma Shift at PAX AUS 2017

First day PAX Booth

We're finally back on our feet after a long weekend! As part of the Melbourne International Games Week, we showcased our Australian-made co-operative puzzle platformer Chroma Shift at the Penny Arcade Expo Australia.

This was our second year showcasing our game at PAX, and just like last year, we received a lot of love from people who stopped by our booth to check out our game!

Checking out our game!

20171028 143937

People checking us out more!

We absolutely adored the amount of feedback and love that people shared with us. We particularly loved the smiles on their faces as they came across some really tough puzzles! It's everything we wanted to see from our players.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us! We can't wait for next year when we're FINALLY going to have a released game, and who knows what will be in store for us in the future!

Much love from the DevOrDie team:

We beat PAX AUS!

Chroma Shift Story Trailer

Chroma Shift Story Trailer

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We released our first major story trailer for Chroma Shift!

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PAX Australia Chroma Shift Demo

PAX Australia Chroma Shift Demo


Welcome! Couldn't come and check us out at PAX? Want to play a demo for Chroma Shift before we release? Download our demo right here and check it out!

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