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Chains of Chastity

Steam GreenLight

Basically Chains of Chastity is a turn by turn roguelike.

goals to achieve

  • Complete different stories across random dungeons. (One story for alpha-beta pre-release, more for release)
  • Create a hero and select skills in a library of more than 35 skills
  • Different level of difficulty.
  • If you die, permanent items lost for Hard mode and permanent death for Nightmare mode
  • You have to drink and eat to survive
  • Cloud system. Play your hero indifferently on Windows, Mac, Linux and later on IOS/Android devices

Our current skills catalog (you have to mix five of them):

  • heavy armor
  • leather armor
  • 1h weapon
  • shield
  • dual weapon
  • 2h weapon
  • attack spells
  • regenerative spells
  • crossbow
  • bow
  • cooking
  • alchemist
  • farmer
  • traps detection
  • picklock (chest)
  • merchant
  • stealth
  • heal bonus
  • mana bonus
  • beer drinker
  • inn lover
  • monsters detection
  • light specialist
  • infrared
  • rooms finder
  • 1h bonus
  • 2h bonus
  • dual weapon bonus
  • staff bonus
  • ranged weapon bonus
  • archeologist
  • runaway
  • bard

BlackBones Family is a true family.

Madame does the arts and Mister does the code. Daughters try to play :)

We are based in Switzerland and we speak French. Forgive our miserable English.

Release plan for Chains of Chastity (and other stories)

  • work to deliver a beta well playable.
  • sell beta version at cool price (~$5 ~€5)
  • create more contents, more dungeon types, more enemies, more stories
  • first release on Windows, Mac, Linux, a little bit more expensive
  • take time to patch the release version (we don't believe in miracle)
  • prepare the IOS/Android/WindowsPhone version

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Alpha Attack


Dear Monsters,

We are working on the first release of Chains of Chastity alpha. I hope you are ready to die !

Best Regards,

New Graphics

New Graphics


New graphic and gameplay elements. Program for next week.

The story for alpha-beta relase

The story for alpha-beta relase


This is the first story that will justify your brutal actions until the game's release

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