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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

BlitzBotz is a free-to-play, online multiplayer, top-down shooter built with Unity3D and Smartfox server. Players will jack-in to their own customized BlitzBot to compete in online arenas with players from all over the world, and from all kinds of devices, including PC, Droid, iOS, the Ouya, and more! Players will participate in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 6v6, and Free4All matches against other player-controlled BlitzBotz in colosseum-like arenas. Your score is based solely on your performance; every player earns experience that can be used to unlock new weapons, classes, and special abilities. Members of the winning team get double XP along with the coveted 'W' added to their ranking.

Droid release early August!!!

Official site: www.blitzbotz.com
Latest demo: www.blitzbotz.com/game/
Contact e-mail: support@blitzbotz.com
Official IndieDB page: www.indiedb.com/games/blitzbotz
Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/blitzbotz
Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/blitzbotz
Google Plus: plus.google.com/s/blitzbotz

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BlitzBotz Cancelled


After six months of developing BlitzBotz, I have decided to cancel the game. I work alone, and as much fun as this game has been to make, I cannot ignore the fact that I want to continue to work alone, and this is not the type of game that a single person can operate. BlitzBotz will remain a proof-of-concept, and I will turn my attention towards my dream game, which is a free-to-play 4X/RTS hybrid.

The beautiful thing about being an Indie developer is that you get to work on whatever the hell you want to. I have no publisher, or anyone else for that matter, telling me what needs to be done and when. Nobody else has invested their time or money into this game, and for me to continue working on it would be taking my attention away from the game I really want to make, and more importantly, to play. I have been a freelance programmer for over a decade, the vast majority of my time working on web-sites that use asynchronous data calls to update web pages in real-time without the need for a page refresh. I have become a veteran at a long list of programming languages, most of which I will probably never use again. I have done all this for 10+ years with the hope that one day I would possess the skills required to create the games that I want to play, and with a little luck, have a bit of success while doing it. To continue working on BlitzBotz at this point would be akin to lying to myself, and sacrificing everything I've done up to this point to finish a game for the sole purpose of proving to myself that I can. And as the saying goes, pride goeth before the fall.

Admittedly, there was a lot of hesitation in coming to this decision. I was concerned mostly with the idea that I had done all this work for nothing, and I cannot stand the idea of giving up on anything. There is no doubt whatsoever that the creation of this game over the last several months has made me a better programmer, and I now feel at home working with both Unity3D and SmartFox. I will take what I have learned and apply it to a game that, when completed, I will want to continue working on and playing. The game is open-ended, meaning that there is no end-game, which will provide me with the ability to continue creating new content for it over and over again, and do so solo.

My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to playing BlitzBotz, but trust me when I tell you that all of the elements weren't there. It was a good concept, an incredibly fun project, but that is as much as it will ever be. I will chalk this up to a learning experience, and a chance to get even more time with these softwares under my belt, and will move on to what I consider better things. And as arrogant as it may sound, when it comes to the games I create, and the games I sacrifice my time and money to create, my opinion is the one that matters. My heart isn't in it anymore, and I will take my own advice that I recently gave in these forums back in early July...

'...Last but not least, don't feel guilty from walking away from a project altogether. It is, after all, your time and effort you are spending, and you should be spending it on what makes you happy (corny, I know, but still true).'

Thank you to everyone for your support, and I hope you do not hold this against me in the long run. I promise you that if I continued working on this game knowing that it was not the project I wanted to work on, the game would have suffered for it. And in the end, this 4X/RTS hybrid will be that much better for the work I put into, and the knowledge I gained from, BlitzBotz.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to programming a vast, persistent universe that players will be able to conquer one piece at a time. Today, this galaxy; tomorrow, the universe!

Shielding & Jet-packing Updates

Shielding & Jet-packing Updates


We're getting closer to the release of single-player zombies and our Droid version of BlitzBotz! We've added functionality to the shield as well as an...

Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle & Pistol Updates

Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle & Pistol Updates


Not only do we have updates for 2 Primary Weapons and a Secondary Weapon, but we've fixed a major bug for the Jetpack and we're subscribing to Unity Pro...

AHHHHH!  BlitzBotz zombies are coming!!!

AHHHHH! BlitzBotz zombies are coming!!!


I've been hard at work on adding one of my all-time favorite game types to BlitzBotz, and am happy to share the latest update of our Zombies Graveyard...

BlitzBotz: What it is, and what it will be

BlitzBotz: What it is, and what it will be


We have put a ton of effort and time into BlitzBotz so far, and with our new indiedb registration, we wanted to get as much information out there as possible...


looks great! the characters are really creative and look very cool, the environment could do with a bit of polish perhaps a few more props in the scene more polys in the meshes if you don't hit frame rate problems. if your game proves to be fun it is something to consider in an update, will look out for release this weekend :)

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emorobotstudios Creator

Thanks! Hoping to have a playable version for single-player done available for this weekend, co-op to follow shortly thereafter.

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Jan 31 2014

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Jan 16 2014

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Jan 10 2014

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Jan 8 2014

RT @emorobotstudios: Shielding and jet-packing update on IndieDB. IndieDB.com #unity3d #blitzbotz T.co

Jul 31 2013

Updates for the Shield and Jetpack!! Indiedb.com for more info! #blitzbotz #unity3d Youtu.be

Jul 30 2013

Updates for three weapons, plus news on Droid and zombie releases!! Blitzbotz.blogspot.com

Jul 23 2013

BlitzBotz Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle Update v2: Youtu.be via @YouTube

Jul 23 2013

Help our upcoming #unity3d game #blitzbotz on IndieDB. Goo.gl T.co T.co

Jul 21 2013

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