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You awake from cryostasis with memories lost in the confusing fog of hypersleep. Immediately you begin to manifest powerful abilities. Lightning-fast reactions. Innate combat skills. Near-supernatural agility.

Your talents are quickly recognized. A mysterious woman named Yuri offers you a deal. In exchange for getting your memories back, you need to utilise your powers to become a street samurai in the crime-ridden, plague-stricken Sunset City.


Master the combat system based on fast reflexes and vertical awareness. Learn how to deflect bullets using your katana. Outrun your foes using dash/slide. Unlock and apply special abilities in surprising combat scenarios.


Identify threats and choose the best tools to eliminate them. From your trusty katana to a handy energy pistol, shotguns, rifles, and combat augments. All weapons offer an alt-fire mode that adds new tactical options.


Upgrade and develop Lucy to grow more resilient and powerful. Explore large, open, interactive levels full of NPCs you can talk with. Discover the lore organically through dialogue, notes, and computer terminals. Learn who you really are, and uncover Yuri’s real agenda.


Utilize the expansive mod support and make the game your own, for free! Create new levels, design weapons and special attacks, and spice up your gameplay.


  • Fluid movement: High-octane first-person action with advanced movements for dashing, sliding and other acrobatics.
  • RPG Elements: Interact with NPCs, learn the lore of Sunset City, take side missions and upgrade your abilities.
  • Lo-Fi aesthetic: inspired by classic first-person shooters, from Doom to Duke Nukem 3D to Blood.
  • Synthwave vibe: Hear an original vaporwave soundtrack composed by synthwave legend Karl Vincent.
  • Mod support: Create and share your own levels, weapons and more with richly-featured free and open-source tools.

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…connection established

…initiating PRELUDE protocol
…adding new episode
…adding synthwave soundtrack

…PREDULE available now!



Our intel shows that Metacorp has upgraded their software with the PRELUDE protocol. This means that Beyond Sunset now starts with a prologue chapter, and Karl Vincent’s spectacular synthwave soundtrack a.k.a. SYNTHTRACK is now available for purchasing.

Episode 0: New Life is an upgraded version of the much-praised demo episode, now with improved mechanics, rebalancing, and some minor quality-of-life changes.

For you, this episode means answers. You can learn what happened before Raven dropped Lucy at that street corner. Before the massacre started. You’ll see where Lucy came from. You’ll understand who she is–at least to a degree. More answers will come later.

Take this opportunity, but beware. If you’re expecting a cakewalk just because this is a prelude, you’re going to be surprised.

And make sure that synthwave sound stays with you at all time.

Stay safe,

…PRELUDE update notes

+ Prelude episode (updated demo episode) added to the game
+ Enemies updated to use new AI system
+ SMGs replaced with battle rifle
+ Rocket launcher replaced with missile mod
+ Encounter balance adjusted for new combat mechanics
+ DX7 Boss Fight balance adjusted for new combat mechanics
+ Chapter 0 Tutorial updated
+ Minor level pathing changes to minimize navigation issues
+ Tweaked level visuals
+ Added more birds
+ Melvin sometimes

MAJOR Major Update!

MAJOR Major Update!


The MAJOR Major Beyond Sunset update is out! Ready for a new playthrough? 🎮🔫

MAJOR Minor Update

MAJOR Minor Update


Folks, it’s time for a MAJOR minor update for Beyond Sunset!

Play the cyberpunk retro shooter! Beyond Sunset is out now

Play the cyberpunk retro shooter! Beyond Sunset is out now


Folks, Beyond Sunset is out now in Early Access on Steam!

Your art in our game?!

Your art in our game?!


How about adding your art to Beyond Sunset? Join our contest and have your graffiti added to the game!

OnyeNacho - - 1,347 comments

Is this game truly developed by GZDoom or just using the engine? The developer is listed as 'GZDoom' and the engine 'Custom'. It is throwing me off.

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MovieGames Creator
MovieGames - - 3 comments

Made with GZDoom.

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