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The game is very simple. The user must avoid objects such as minions, boss bullets and survive. Player must pass though all minions and reach the boss at the end of level and must fight and defeat boss in order to win the game.

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Game Information


Game Control

  • Key UP will move player up.
  • Key DOWN will move player down
  • Key LEFT will move player left.
  • Key RIGHT will move player right.
  • Key ENTER for selecting menu items.

Game Objects

  1. Type: Player
  2. Health: 100
  3. Boss Damage Taken: 2HP per bullet.
  4. Minions Damage Taken: 1HP per minion hit.
  5. Player Damage to Minions: 50HP per bullet
  6. Player Damage to Boss: 2HP per bullet
  1. Type: Boss
  2. Health: 100
  3. Damage To Player: 2HP per bullet.
  4. Special: Moves Up and Down.
  • Type: Minions
  • Health: 100
  • Damage To Player: 1HP.
  • Special: Moves Up and Down. Swamp in huge group.


  • Try to shoot two bullet at once, since it will kill the minion fast.
  • Try spamming bullet up and down to avoid getting hit by boss bullet and have better change of hitting boss with your bullets.
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Battle Defence

Battle Defence

Full Version

Download the game and play it. it might have few bugs that i have missed but you can report to me and i will fix it ASAP.

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