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A nice puzzle game. Can you solve the puzzle without destroying balls? You have a fixed set of tools to change the direction of the balls, however, the puzzle can be full of traps or even enemies. Clever thinking can lead the balls safely to where you want them to be. If you want to you compare your skills with those of other players all over the world due to the very detailed leaderboards, but you can also ignore that feature if you don't care. Easy to learn, but the puzzles can still be challenging to solve. And once you solved them, can you do it again in less time or with less tools?

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BallPlay Cupid is an arcade puzzle game.
The object is to fulfil a given task without destroying (too many) balls and all you can do is use tools in order to change the balls directions.
And easy to learn game, but the puzzles can still be hard to solve.

At the present time there is only a beta version of this game available on Game Jolt, but this is about to change soon. In June I will try to get all issues, the game still has, fixed, and then I will run a thorough test on all three platforms the game is planned for. When everything appears to be ok, the stable version will be released, on Game Jolt, itch.io and here on IndieDB.

I hope you'll like the game as much as I liked to create it for you.

The game will be released under the terms of the General Public License (its source code is available on github: Github.com), and will be completely free.

The release ETA shall be calculated once I get on the great tests and is really depending on what kind of bugs will show up during the trip. I shall keep you update.

See you soon ;)

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