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In 2XXX a terrestrial observatory on earth detected traces of an ancient signal from the distant solar system of Auriga. As the world's top scientists investigated, it started to become clear that this signal did not originate from a celestial anomaly - but from an artificial source.

With the signal now partially deciphered you are tasked with exploring this new and strange solar system and discovering the secrets of Azulgar and it’s mysterious signal.

Every shot matters - Azulgar: Star Commanders is inspired by naval combat and focuses heavily on player ability with every weapon in action mode aimed and controller directly by the player. Carefully line up a torpedo strike to inflict maximum damage, lead your targets to ensure a crippling shell impact or charge in for close range combat.

Bombard your enemy from afar with huge cannons! Launch precision torpedo strikes


Will you be a space miner hauling asteroids with your grappling hook (yes.. a grappling hook! More on that later!) or an explorer attempting to discover the secrets of Azulgar...


strategic Mode

Command your fleet in strategic mode and dominate the battlefield.

  • RTS-style control with formations, engagement ranges, groups and waypoints.
  • Split your fleet to flank your opponent
  • Our strategic control scheme is a derivative of the award winning game Homeworld

action Mode

Switch on the fly and take control of a ship with your captain - pilot in action mode to directly impact the battle.

  • Skill-based Weaponry
  • Shields: Shields only activate when the player commands - and only face one direction.. use them wisely or get crushed by incoming fire.
  • Afterburners: Escape the battle or use them to close range and surprise your enemy - but remember afterburners have limited energy so don't get caught out.
  • Missile Defences: Torpedo's and missiles are a BIG problem.. but time your defences well to counter then with your ships mini-guns.

captain customisation

Level up your captain and unlock new abilities and ways to customise how you play!

Special Cards (CyberSlots) that you can use to customize your captain.

  • Some cards will be rare to find and only drop from bosses or youd have to be really lucky to find them in your new card deck. Some will be more easier to find.
  • Captains drop these cards once their Bridge module is defeated and other players or NPCs can loot them.
  • Yes this basically means full loot pvp if you choose to play on such servers!
  • Some cards will have active abilities and cooldowns and some will have passive abilities that improve your ship behaviour all the time.
  • Players can choose to exchange cards or play a game of poker or dice for them in pubs or outside the game
  • Cards will also be trateable on steam workshop



The starting system of Azulgar: Star Commanders and home to Earth, explore, fight and visit the very reaches of our solar system.

SOL will be the first system made available in the game starting with the Closed Alpha release and will be a rendition of our own solar system set within the lore of Azulgar: Star Commanders. Mankind has reached and settled in space and now commands the technology to explore the universe - what will you do with it?

  • Planets
  • Asteroids
  • Factions
  • Trading
  • Combat


Explore the system of Arugia and uncover it’s past - what - or who? sent the signal that brought you here and what were their intentions?

  • Find Azulgar - a planet steeped in mystery located in a far away system and uncover the source of the signal that brought you to Arugia.

And perhaps more...


The Rift: Access another dimension.. Dark... dangerous… and far from empty... But can you turn this strange realm to your advantage?

  • Learn about the strange alien race The Morrids - investigate and even capture them as specimens.
  • Use the dimension to your advantage - disappear into the Rift and use it to strike from where they least expect.
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I will repeat myself but here you go guys this is a taste of things to come to the game. Were going to add a 3rd person combat mode soon to the game seamlessly integrated into the current gameplay. Along with that were still working on a hardcore enlargement of the current game map and bringing the coop back online.

1) Go EVA out of your ship
2) Enter enemy ship or station and take it by brute force
3) Kill its crew or incapacitate them
4) Interrogate them for information and gain research points
5) Loot the ship
6) Make the ship a part of your fleet or destroy it
7) Choose between lethal and non lethal weapons
8) Get some melee weapons to get close and personal
9) Choose multiple ways to enter the ship
10) Blow its doors
11) Hack the doorways
12) Sneak through ventilators
13) Explore derelict stations and find out what happened on them
14) Battle the morrid infected crew and steal its secrets

Crafting! + asteroid gathering, survival progression, ingame ship editting, base inventory and more!

Crafting! + asteroid gathering, survival progression, ingame ship editting, base inventory and more!


Let us first give you a huge thanks for supporting us! The sales of the game are going really well and people are already starting to talk about LOA and...

Hook added to drag stuff around and news on crafting! + map update

Hook added to drag stuff around and news on crafting! + map update


We would like to thank you for your support!! A sound number of copies of the game have been bought and distributed. In this update we have added a hook...

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Miriammele Creator

Well... beginnings are always hard and unfortunately we had some serious problems with our first public release.
It was caused by our zeal, passion and enthusiasm from creating games and sharing our results.
We are learning from our mistakes to improve our games to yours and ours satisfaction.

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Miriammele Creator

Hi guys. We must fix serious problems with resolution. Apologies for troubles. We release patch as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Miriammele Creator

We repair last bugs for release :-) This is EA version not final. We hope for feedback :-)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

One of the testers here: (again

Tested the new LOAder (catchy name), works for me just fine, there is only a little bug with the size of the game vs. the size server reports...
However, starting the game works just fine.

Also encountered a bug with resolution changing back to my screen's maximum, when I disable fullscreen.

And last but not least, try to make transitions between "sun image" and the background universe not so strong and make it softer.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for new versions, where multiplayer is available!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

One of the testers here:

I've tried playing this game since the beginning, and it looks very promising, definitely have seen some progress there!
Newer versions have always more functionality, less bugs and better looks!
Although I'm not myself a huge fan of space shooters, this one really cought my eye!

Keep up the good work guys and to all of you who are having doubts - try it and you'll be surprised.

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Miriammele Creator

Thank you, currently we tested the first version of the game launcher. Now we are working on repair errors from feedback. If tomorrow everything runs as it should, is the possibility that he drop the new version. We hope that the game will enjoy and support us in the upcoming campaign on Steam.

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Miriammele Creator

Something big is coming ... ):-))) Game version 0.4 is 98% complete.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Seems interesting..
Any update on the Mac version of the Alpha?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Miriammele Creator

Hi iShuno, we are planing to support for Mac OS but we must buy the Mac first. Actualy we are finising Quest Editor, implementation of first 3 missions for start and Launcher for 0.4 version.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Alright mate, good luck..

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