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Take up your role as the expert responsible for taking human life across the galaxy in this unique space Simulator/RTS.

AstroColonist explores what would take place as Human kind begins to expand across the galaxy. During the campaign you will start from humble planet earth and quickly realize the risks with having only one planet, leading to the colonization of other planets and the necessary breakthroughs in science required to take man to the next phase in space exploration.

Expect to lose your planets and valuable resources as you tackle the challenge of securing humanities survival for thousands of years.

With a mix of vibrant graphics and pixel art the game is designed to be visually appealing while retaining a retro rts feel and simplistic interfaces.

Developed by avid gamers of Game Dev Tycoon, Don't Starve, Tropico, C&C, Civ, Galactic Civ, Simcity, Cities Skyline.


1. A fun campaign which is different every time you play

2. Vastly configurable sandbox mode so you can play how you want

3. Build famous satellites like hubble, kepler and future satellites like sentinel

4. Discover quirky alien races who may aid or hinder your progress

5. Mine the asteroids to secure a productive industry

6. Trade resources with other alien life

7. Research and discover new technology that mirrors real life research and events

8. Deploy space stations to convert resources into volatile materials

9. Discover new solar systems and colonize their planets

10. Protect your planet from galactic disasters like asteroids and super-nova waves

11. Combat climate change and other natural distasters on your planets.

12. Defeat alien planets whose inhabitants see humankind as a puny race best suited for annihalation

13. Play how you want – trade to win, mine to win, avoid war if you want or focus solely on building your space empire


Gameplay feels very similar to an RTS or Indie Simulator. You are given control of a planet which can build factories, farms and satellites - which all serve to advance your research and resources.

After building a launchpad and generating enough colonist you can create a colony ship which can be sent to other habitable (or barely habitable) planet.

With each addition into your empire of planets you find more space to multi-task, research and effectively orchestrate the solar system - which is required when aliens randomly pop up on Jupiter for example.

About the creator:

My name is Adam Dougherty of Jam Donut games and I started creating Astro Colonist and fleshing out it's ideas 2 years ago. After a lot of prototypes and game testing the version we see today was born. I am an experienced indie developer with small games available on Kongregate and historically browser based RPGs and BBGs.

With the help of family members Wensdi Dougherty who created the character art and Cameron Wilson who created the games background music I began to piece together a fully playable experience and started handing out closed alpha testing to a group of friends and family.

With the addition to Steam Greenlight and IndieDB, I hope to get valuable feedback from the players who are interested in the game.

I want to know what you think should be involved in the colonizing experience and what problems you think humanity will face. We are at a great time during development where core mechanics work solidly and need only to be expanded upon or tweaked based off input from play testers and you, the player.

I am a one man development team supported by great friends and family and I hope you can join me on the adventure that AstroColonist hopes to create.

You can find us here:

Website: Jamdonut.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

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We are now live on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight and can't wait to see what the community thinks.

Check out our steam greenlight and let us know what you think!

More info on our website at www.jamdonut.com


It feels a bit like Galactic Civilizations II or III games that are number 1 for me in the 4X area

I like your concept of space so i hope AstroColonist turns out well for you

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