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Ars Notoria is a fantasy, survival-action RPG set inside an open world sandbox where you can hunt possessed creatures, solo or cooperatively with friends, and defeat them with mastery of unique schools of magic to create mighty enchanted artifacts. As your legend grows, you will recruit additional adventurers to assemble a powerful, sprawling faction and bring it under your control.

You begin the game as a lowly beggar, newly drafted into the kingdom’s army to fight the growing scourge of Enthralled; magic-infused creatures formed by corrupted shards of spiritual energy. You soon find yourself thrust into an epic struggle with the god-like High Spirits and the warring factions that worship them. Using your powerful ability to Soul Bind, you can absorb and swap between four unique adventurers on the fly, each with special skills, weapons, and combat styles. You will need every trick and magical ability you can muster to guide your faction in uncovering the origins of the Enthralled blight and ultimately decide the fate of the kingdom.

A Stunning, Vast Open World Sandbox

  • Explore a huge and diverse map teeming with forests, farmlands, dungeons, and a vast capital city, all affected by multiple weather conditions and seasons. Witness stunning panoramic views and intense environmental effects created by magic abilities.
  • Investigate and join one of the factions, each with its own unique agenda and philosophy, including non-lethal combat/quest resolution.
  • Journey through the world of Ars Notoria with your friends in online multiplayer PVE. Not only can you experience the epic tale together, but team up to raid loot-filled dungeons, craft legendary weapons, and build impressive settlements.

A Unique Experience On Every Playthrough

  • Experience a sprawling main story with plentiful side quests that can be played through multiple times to experience the tale from different viewpoints. Will you carve a path of destruction and fear, or restore unity and hope? Player choices result in multiple game endings.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons ensure each playthrough is unique. Traverse the depths of dark, icy caves, wander ancient ruins of old spirit magic, and navigate fiery lairs of powerful Enthralled.

Master Elaborate Fighting Combos

  • Swap at will with three other Soul Bound characters in your squad during combat, creating lethal, powerful combos with magical, spirit-infused weaponry.
  • Fight a large variety of deadly creatures, each possessed by unique spirits, that offer a multitude of combat challenges.
  • After defeating foes, capture a variety of spirits from different magical origins, each with a multitude of powers and elemental bonuses, allowing you to place additional enchantments on weapons, armor, and equipment.
  • Engage in epic boss fights against huge corrupted creatures capable of environmental destruction.

Customize and Craft Your World

  • Create a custom main character from the ground up and alter dozens of additional, recruitable characters that you can rotate in and out of your active, four-person squad by Soul Binding.
  • Craft a variety of buildings, creating custom, decor-filled living spaces with a detailed flourish, combat defenses, and places of commerce.
  • Recruit non-combat NPCs to grow your faction ranks, making it stronger and increasing its influence throughout the kingdom.
  • While you venture forth in the world with your squad, command your faction members to perform a variety of tasks in parallel, such as forging enchanted weapons and armor, researching crafting recipes, defending outposts, or gathering resources.
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Ars Notoria Dev Journal #2


Hey everyone!

In the second entry of our development journal, we wanted to share with you some details about the Building Mode in Ars Notoria.

The Building Mode is available to the players from the start of the game and allows them to freely build a large variety of constructions and objects anywhere in the game world. It consists of six main building categories:

  1. Encampment

    Here, players can find everything needed to set up a remote camp or a fortified outpost. There are various tents, campfires, sleeping bags, and weapon stands, as well as defensive structures like barricades, wooden walls, towers, and gates. Camps can be quickly set up anywhere in the playable region and provide a place where characters can recover, refill their supplies, and craft new equipment.

  2. Construction

    This is the main building category that contains numerous building modules such as foundations, walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors, stairs, and others. Players are able to select the size, style, and materials of the elements and place them either by snapping to the automatically generated building grid or manually. If the player wants to change the building layout or cancel placing the building part, it’s easy to demolish unwanted parts and receive back the full amount of spent resources.

  3. Furniture

    In the Furniture category, players can craft various interior objects such as tables, benches, chairs, beds, shelves, fireplaces, containers, and more. After placing an object into the house’s interior, it always can be grabbed and moved/rotated later. All the furniture items are destructible and most of them are also interactive. For example, players can store items in containers, use ovens to prepare food, rest on a bed or a bench, etc.

  4. Harvesting

    Tools and equipment needed for collecting and processing resources are found in the Harvesting category. Some tools such as axes, shovels, or pickaxes can be used manually, while others will process resources automatically. Tools can also be given to recruitable NPCs, so they are able to help in collecting resources for the player’s faction.

  5. Production

    This category contains crafting tools such as various workbenches, furnaces, machines, and devices that can be used to create new equipment for characters. Each tool grants access to new crafting categories and has multiple levels. Upgrading a tool to a higher level allows for using better materials that are necessary to craft stronger equipment. As with the harvesting tools, players can recruit NPCs and give them tasks to craft new items using production tools.

  6. Farming

    The last of the building categories is Farming. In this category, players can find various plants, bushes, and trees that can be placed on the player’s farm or garden. There are also different types of fences, gates, awnings, and other decorations that can be placed near the player’s house.

Another option available to the players is to use prebuilt houses that are located in the city, its outskirts, or surrounding villages. These houses can later be upgraded to various workshops such as Weaponsmith, Armorer, Alchemist, Apothecary, and others. There are multiple ways in which players can obtain already built houses: convincing the owners to join your faction (for example, after helping them complete some quest), buying their property, or even capturing them by force.

Thank you so much for taking the time and checking out this article!

You can find more information about our game here:

Ars Notoria Dev Journal #1

Ars Notoria Dev Journal #1


We launched the Steam page for our upcoming open-world action RPG Ars Notoria. Find out more about the game and its development.

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