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Hello guys, We'd like to introduce to you our first project which is called - Arkaim. The name is temporary because we have just started to work on the storyline and game mechanics. As some of you have already realised, we haven't picked just a random name for this game. It is the name of an ancient city which used to be in chelyabinsk region in Russia. And that is also the place where our game will be located. It is well known that there used to be situated one of the firstly settled places of this region. However, archeologists have only recently found strange artifacts which are beyond understanding of an average modern people. So they have to be analysed carefully. One of the analysed artifact or object is an unknown altar which is discovered by archeologists 2,5 metres right below the ground. But what is the purpose of the altar? The answer will be revealed in the next article when we will make up the continentia of the storyline. See you later, greetings from Matt & Susan.

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Hello everyone,

Here I am yet again with a new report and a great news after a long time.
As you might have noticed we have finished a part of gaming drive and even some levels. But mostly we focused on fully working tutorial mission with instructions included.I can admit that the tutorial is almost done. Maybe we will add something to it later. If so, we will let you know ofcourse. But most of all here is the list of things that are included in the upcoming Alpha version of the game:-fully operated and animated gaming character
-three usable weapons (in long-length, middle-length and short length)
-refilling ammo
-a simple AI at least for now, which is included also in the available levels
-two available gaming levels (one is tutorial, sort of mini game)
-functional setting of graphics details and resolutionWe will be still working hard on the game and also improvements of the game but for now we would like to offer you our Alpha version which is included right below the report. So you are welcome to try it and we would like to get your feedback - either throught the message or comments. Also do not forget to give us a "like" and follow us on the facebook if you enjoy our work.

We appreciate your support, yours wolf team

Download for free to try the alpha version of the game:

Arkaim:TPOE Alpha Windows 32 bit version

Arkaim:TPOE Alpha Windows 64 bit version

PS: Please send us your feedback about this version of the game. We are Greatfull for every new fan! Byee .

Unknown "Altar"

Unknown "Altar"


Welcome to yet another DevBlog. I would like to take some time and talk about previously mentioned altar. You can see how it's going to look in the enclosed...

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