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For Millennia the Elves have lived...

Yondalyr, the city of light, has been their home, and the one bastion of defense against the realm of Leviathan. For the Elves alone have the power to face, and defeat, the fury of the demons. Leviathan is that fury... rage incarnate is his form. Age after age the Elves have fought back the ravenous hordes, blocking every attempt at invasion. After all, it is their calling. It is their purpose.

In an age long since forgotten, Leviathan was bound beneath the world, and so cannot leave his realm, nor enter that of man. Sending forth the spawn of hell against the world, he has tried in vain to punish the world for his incarceration. Again and again the Elves have saved the world from destruction, and in their shadow the races of the world have prospered. Well, perhaps that is not quite so.. you see many have suffered so that others may prosper..

This age has seen a great division grow between the races of the world, and many wars have broken out over land and resource alike. It is a time of chaos across the land, and amid this chaos, came hell...

It happened so suddenly that few can scarcely recall the order of events, and fewer still it seems, even dare to believe it to be reality. Reality... we've known it for so long and yet... do we? When ones world is changed over night, one begins to question his own existence. Never was it imagined, forbid the odds that one might even dream of it! Yet one morning, a moment was seared into the minds of mortality forever.

Mt. Savage, who's snow crowned peak stood mightily above all others, can be seen from any region of the northern continent of Zor. The crown of the North it is called, and yet, in a moment, it became our destruction. It seems so hard to imagine now, for the snow crowned peak is black as pitch, and fire and smoke belch unending from its jagged brow..

Many remember little else of that morning, when the ground began to shake and Mt. Savage exploded into the sky. Fire rained down on all of Zor, but fire my friend can be put out. It is no understatement to say that Hell fell down upon the world that day, for from the mountain came not only fire, but demons of every sort. They swept across the land in a wave of destruction so swift that even the Elves were caught unawares. Indeed, before the danger was realized, the Walls of Yondalyr were overcome and in the ensuing chaos, the Elves were overwhelmed. Those who escaped, fled into exile, while those who did not, suffered a fate worse than death. Those who could not escape became corrupted. Cinder we call them. Fearsome to behold, and one should hope that fortune never allows such an encounter. It seems their very souls are charred, marked forever by the horrors of that day.

It has been years since that morning, and yet it is burned into memory as vivid as if it were yesterday. The races forgot their struggles with each other in a frantic struggle to save themselves. Each has managed to hold a little ground on the coasts, but for how long? There is rumor that those of the Elves which escaped are returning to assist the remaining forces in a desperate attempt to survive, and drive back the demonic tide into the crater which spewed them forth.

A desperate call has gone out to all who would fight. This is a time for Heroes. This age is an anvil, upon which the greatest of all races will forge themselves. Will you answer the call? Will your life be one of vengeance or of greed? Regardless, your honor is on the line. And upon this anvil, your honor will be determined.

Anvil of Honor: Coming soon

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Beginning with various screenshots and clips over the weekend, as well as some articles about various features, then going more and more in depth to take you into the world, one feature at a time!

Among the features we'll be showing this weekend are:



Destructible Buildings:

Planting crops and much more!

Be sure to check back on the WebSite over the weekend, or follow us on FaceBook to see updates as they're posted!

Anvil of Honor: An Introduction

Anvil of Honor: An Introduction


Anvil of Honor is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG being developed by Nova Questworks, , and has been in development since January 2013.

Gitchimo Creator

Weekly PreView clip:

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Gitchimo Creator

Thanks for all the support! Updates will continue, and for a period of time we'll be doing BiWeekly updates, so keep a watch for info on the website! Anvilofhonor.com

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Gitchimo Creator

Weekend long game updates!

Starting December 24th 2016, We will be posting updates about the game throughout the weekend,
including screenshots as well as new clips of the game in action.

Come check out the progress as we begin our official release of information about Anvil of Honor, from in-game screenshots and video clips of the races of the world to chaotic battlefields!

Interested? Let us know! Skeptical? Watch and see!

There's a lot going on (and has been!) and the team is proud to begin showing you around.

Watch for updates at Anvilofhonor.com

Follow us on FaceBook for update notices!

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Gitchimo Creator

Just implemented the Capture system. Players can capture most anything, rather than kill and turn them in at various locales for extra XP and reward. Even if there isn't an active bounty on that particular npc, so long as its an enemy of the faction. To Come: Ransoms. Players may turn in enemy faction members to their own factions for ransom and extra reward.

Stay tuned!

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Gitchimo Creator

uploaded a short video clip showing the extent of character customization. We're really looking forward to getting the characters finished!

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Gitchimo Creator

Now that we're up to date! (mostly) We'll begin regular updates as things progress.

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Gitchimo Creator

Pre-Alpha Update V.0.01
This being the first official update, and being that work has been going on for 3 years prior... I won't start at the beginning, but
bring you up to speed on what's currently being worked on.

To shortly bring you up to date on features:
The following are implemented already but will continue to be tweaked/updated:
-Quest/Adventure system
-Random Dungeons
-Interactive world objects
-Class system
-Dialogue system
-World History/Memory system
- -Both flight and ground
-Player Building
- -Functional, with many updates on the way
- -Functional, but with the huge amount of features involved, will undergo many more upgrades.

The following are in current development:
- -Tweaks to the normal system already in place
- -Further implementation of the large scale battle combat tactics
- -More animations please!
- -Player building is getting a whole new GUI layout
- -All models are getting a work over to improve graphic appeal
- -All new Player character models are on the way!
- -New GUI design for character customization
- -Control panel for Customization and Control..
- -Individual parts animation
- -First phase of naval combat system implementation
- -Show video demo of said combat system... NOW already! :)

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