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Angels Fall First is an objective-based FPS game fought both in space and on the ground. Featuring complex gameplay, from flying gigantic capital ships, piloting fighters, and manning turrets to the traditional vehicular and infantry combat, both planetside and inside the starships themselves.

RSS August Update - Spaceships and engine update!

Dev progress, business progress, exploding spaceships! Yes we're still alive and thundering along.

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August Update

We've been hard at work and over the past few months we managed to tick some major milestones off our to-do list. The first of which is, we are now an officially registered company by the name of Strangely Interactive! What this means is that we are now able to cross another major task off our list, moving from UDK to the a full Unreal Engine 3 license.

This may not sound like much, since UDK is basically the same as UE3, however the important part of this transition is the debugging capabilities. We can now dive right into the engine source, debug any potential problem and fix it efficiently if we need to.
Having the source access also means the more performance-intensive tasks (like pathfinding, ship physics etc.) can now be fully moved to native code, without relying on the relatively slow Unreal Script. In addition to this, it opens the possibility of closer integration with custom tools, speeding up the development of some features significantly.

We've also been hard at work refining our ship controls. We've come up with something we've internally dubbed 'Freeaim'. Fighters have been the first to receive the reworked controls and we've included some shots below showing it in action.

As always thanks for the continued support, and look out for more updates!



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