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“Here ye here ye! Welcome to the city of Alluris traveler! I hope you’re prepared for an adventure unlike any you’ve ever seen! Baron Dread is amassing an army and no one here can be bothered to do anything about it! Good news for you I suppose. You get to take all the glory for yourself! I mean, you may die, but that would HARDLY be MY fault would it? Well, I take your silence as agreement.

Now, there are many trials before you and no singular pathway to overcome this evil. But you will figure it out. I mean, if you don’t we’ll just send the next traveler who looks dumb enough to err uhmm, I mean, good luck traveler! We’re all counting on you!”


You begin your journey on the roads outside the City of Alluris. Your goal is to travel the world, level up, and collect items, followers, and abilities until you can overcome Baron Dread and save Alluris. The game is played with the simple input of dragging cards left or right. However, the decisions you need to make can sometimes be everything but simple. Your options for dealing with a situation are dependent on your backstory, race, gender, or a prior decision you’ve made in the run.

Unlock New Playstyles!

As you explore the world, you’re bound to wander into something interesting. If you’re clever, you might achieve something great, and earn a new race or background to start as on your next run. These mutators can radically change how a playthrough goes. They could make you awful at combat, but constantly showered with gold. Maybe you’ll start with access to places that would take entire runs to reach.

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Helloooooo Travelers!

This is the start of a weekly devlog series that will continue till after launch.

Game development can often be a big, scary, yet incredibly rewarding job. We're excited that so many people have decided to join us on this journey. Our priority is to give you a perspective into what happens behind the scenes while making Alluris. This is going to include art streams, programming streams, weekly community spotlights, and as much YouTube content as we can reasonably produce. We've been posting at least daily on our social channels @playalluris and that's a trend we want to make sure to continue!

News and upcoming events:

  • We are an officially scheduled AmA on Reddit starting at 11am PST Tomorrow (6/24/2019). Will be posted by /u/blue59! We’re bringing something fun to the AmA so I hope everyone stops by!
  • We were initially targeting an early July release but we want to make sure we add all the polish that people expect and deserve. Our new target is July 19th
  • We're coming to RTX Austin!!!! (Booth 305 - Indie Alley)

Change log:

  • Several graphical reworks including a new lighting build, bars under your stat bar, improved nameplates on inventory flags
  • Large optimization pass
    • Package size 1.5gb -> 500mb
    • Average load time 7 seconds -> 1 seconds
    • Graphical memory usage 4.3 gb->460mb
    • Average frame rate 90->135
  • Mobile build has received a custom UI pass for portrait mode
  • Added 50 new cards
  • We've added clickables! :D
    • Now when you click on the environmental objects they will actually do things!


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Will the game be released on Android? It's not on the play store yet :(

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562Interactive Creator
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We are working on getting it out to Android Today!! =D follow our social media or discord for the announcement!

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