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In Agtnan: Monster Shutdown Sequence, you are a robot, a robot on the run. You're released from your imprisonment to avoid or kill the night terrors sent your way for your captors' entertainment, just like the gladiators of old - if gladiators had CPUs and roller wheels. Survive, and you will be able to expand your abilities with Creds you've earned. If you fail, you'll be hammered back together for another go. It's a good thing your LED face comes equipped with a 'panicked' expression!


  • SURVIVE - Survive various arenas, each featuring unique layouts, themes, hazards, and tricks. Rotating gears, moving platforms, and electric fences are just a few of the hazards you'll encounter.
  • FIGHT BACK - You're not some powerless pawn - each map comes with bomb points where you can pick up explosives to take the fight to the night terrors. If you kill enough of them, maybe they'll retreat...?
  • IMPROVE - Collecting Creds from night terrors and surviving will let you improve your circuitry, giving you new and improved abilities. Run faster and longer, take more damage, and even change how bombs work. Giant sticky bombs, anyone?


  • STORY MODE - Who are you, really? Why are you here? Those are some of the questions we're going to answer with an upcoming story mode. You'll embark on a lengthy, action/puzzle adventure to find out who is behind all of this, and why.
  • MORE ARENAS - Of course, we'll also be adding more new arenas to play in. Why? Because there are always new ways we can fry a robot's circuits.
  • MULTIPLAYER - This is a long-term goal, set for some time after we add the story mode. Multiplayer arenas, where you can help or hinder your fellow robots' chances of survival.
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Agtnan is Out of Steam


You can now get Agtnan on Steam, with five unique arenas to conquer (with more to come).


You can also get it on our new Humble Store page.


Agtnan Demo is Live on Steam

Agtnan Demo is Live on Steam


It took longer than intended to prepare, but now you can download the single-level demo of Agtnan: Monster Shutdown Sequence and play the DarkBlocks map...

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