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Age of Nomads is a real time strategy game that allows players to manage a paleolithic tribe of hunter-gatherers as they fight to survive against the elements, and other players.

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Age of Nomads is a new real time strategy (RTS) game that has officially begun development. With some survival elements: the design goals center around the introduction of all new game mechanics to the RTS genre such as dynamically growing forests and a storage/streaming economy combination.

The game is being built on Elega Corproration's proprietary Revelation RTS platform, a framework for real time strategy games built in the Unity game engine. Revelation RTS will power many of the game's core mechanics such as tile-based procedural terrain, a 'mega map' display of the game world, and nature simulation.

No release date has yet been determined. Currently, the game's release is being planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux with the possibility of introducing other platform releases in the future. More details are coming soon.

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Latest tweets from @ageofnomads

RT @scottlee: What happened to #AgeOfNomads? Well, folks, I'm sorry... but I am starting over when I eventually return to the pro… T.co

Jun 16 2019

RT @scottlee: One day, Age of Nomads progress will return. It’s just gonna be a while. T.co

Nov 3 2017

Development is temporarily delayed as Elega Corp works on some other priorities. Updates to come, though, and progress will continue.

Aug 21 2017

RT @elegacorp: Since the #NintendoSwitch Pro Controller and Joy Cons can work on PC via Bluetooth, how important is it that #AgeOfNomads support them?

Jul 10 2017

RT @scottlee: The Elega Discord is where we'll have some #AgeOfNomads play tests and discussions later. Come join if you're follo… T.co

Jul 5 2017

RT @elegacorp: The #AgeOfNomads reveal trailer release is being delayed a little while longer so more can be shown in the trailer.

Jun 15 2017

The #AgeOfNomads trailer and more details about the game are coming after all of this #E3 madness settles down. Stay tuned!

Jun 14 2017

RT @scottlee: 1st code written for #AgeOfNomads was selection: click a cube, right click to make it move. The move code is gone. Select code stayed.

Jun 9 2017

RT @scottlee: People told me it would take years to make a game of Age of Nomads' size by myself. I responded with, "I better get started then."

Jun 9 2017

RT @scottlee: I'm making some last minute changes to the #AgeOfNomads reveal trailer before it goes public.

Jun 7 2017