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Aedo Episodes is puzzle adventure game with logic and action challenges.
You will lead a hero through a journey with tricky enigmas, sidequests and minigames to be solved in order to recover the lost armony.

The adventure features:

  • Super UNIQUE and experimental gameplay
  • 200+ levels that will challenge your logic reasoning
  • Many special skills to master to overcome all obstacles
  • Puzzle and enigmas to solve with your smart thinking
  • Lots of NPCs and sidequests
  • A compelling story told in a unique way, with wonderful cut-scene
  • Full of secrets to discover and exploit at your best
  • Three different play modes: Episode, Rush, Incubo
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Oh oh, finally we got something nice to set public. You can try Aedo Episodes right now. The game is publicly available for Android and Windows Phone. (Sorry iOS players, now stick with testflight).

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Download from Google play store | Windows store

About the game

Aedo Episodes is a logic puzzle game about a hero’s destiny you have no control.
You have to manipulate the environment, beat puzzles and enigmas, complete minigames and accomplish sidequests to allow the hero complete the journey.

Gameplay trailer

Get lost in the story and follow the hero as he reach out his fate.

Follow us

Aedo Episodes will soon published for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Follow the development and stay in touch with us:

Aedo Episodes - Gameplay preview

Aedo Episodes - Gameplay preview


Aedo Episodes is a logic and action puzzle game featuring a story driven progression. This video preview focuses on the very unconventional gameplay the...

Aedo Episodes - Lockpicking minigame

Aedo Episodes - Lockpicking minigame


Lockpicking is the first puzzle you can find in Aedo Episodes. It’s not a complex enigma, just a little challenge the hero will face in the journey...

Aedo Episodes - Beta testing open

Aedo Episodes - Beta testing open


Our first game Aedo Episodes is almost ready. The game beta is open to everyone. You can freely access and enjoy the game!

Aedo Episodes - Game trailer

Aedo Episodes - Game trailer


Aedo episodes is an alternative adventure game, where you cannot control the hero. Here is the announcement trailer!

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