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Desabys is a game where the player gets to control a character called Accius that can enter a phantom state, in which he leaves his body behind and controls his spirit, being able to possess inanimate objects. During the journey, Accius will interact with Npcs which have essentially given up. He helps them in various ways and understands what might happen to him if he quits. The objective of the game is to get back to his sister, to do so, he must constantly switch between their corporeal body and objects lying around this 17th Century European inspired dungeon. Boxes will be utilised to hold buttons down, levers will be pressed and lanterns will be used to solve implicit puzzles, revealing the path ahead. Accius, however, can only be within a certain range of his body, which will change as he discovers more of the dungeon.

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Desabys Update #8


Hoo-h'HOO-hoo-hoo- 🦉

Hello there!

We present gameplay trailer made for the production phase of Desabys.

Check it out here: Click here to watch Desabys Gameplay Trailer!

The game it's still not totally finished, but soon it will be out for our lovely and supportive audience. Thank you for everyone who have played to help us in our journey. Stay tunned for more news!

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Desabys Update #7

Desabys Update #7


Desabys testing: news and request. Showcasing new looks of the game and requesting users to try the build and give feedback.

Desabys Update #6

Desabys Update #6


Art studies of the game characters and a brief introduction of their story.

Desabys Update #5

Desabys Update #5


In this article we are going to share the progress we made in Desabys, in this case, regarding the UI in the game menus.

Desabys Update #4

Desabys Update #4


This week we went over some progress regarding every process of game making. There are updates in Programming, with a public build out for testers, updates...

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