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Hello! We are Dark Energy - an indie video game development studio. In the studio we are 3 developers: Johnatan, Udi and Jordan. About the game: The game's story occurs just after the expansion of the Vikings. A Viking group was sent out to find new land in the north. They have sailed for many days, and eventually discovered a proper land. Once disembarked, they have started to settle unaware of the dangers surrounding them: A curse, imposed long ago, made the dead native population to resurrect with primary objective - elimination of the new settlers. King Control is the new game changer: With King Control, the player can take over the King unit and step into battle. The King unit hold the Moral for the soldiers - the higher the better. All units will operate better when high moral is kept. Use the king to win by controlling it and having it sitting on the enemy throne! We believe that this game will refresh the well-known real time strategy genre!

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We are now on twitter!

We are now on twitter!


Follow us on twitter! We are available over there for tweets about thoughts and questions, if you have any.

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Looking forward to it! #GameDev T.co

Oct 5 2015

Happy to announce coop with the talented @AntonioCantarin to produce the score for A Nordic Tale #indiegamedev #gamemusic #gameaudio #indie

Oct 5 2015

Last but not least, just a peak to 2 poses of our King unit. #gamedev #indie #indiedev #3dmodel T.co

Oct 5 2015

Another unit, after a short break! #indiedev #gamedev #indiegamedev T.co

Sep 23 2015

Ready to cast some magic? #gamedev #indiedev #3D #indie #AllDev T.co

Sep 14 2015

Our brand new #Viking Warrior, ready for battle! Tune in for more on A Nordic Tale! #gamedev #indiedev #indie T.co

Sep 13 2015

We now have all of our last Viking models for #ANordicTale. Showcasing them starting tomorrow! #gamedev #indiedev #indiegamedev #Vikings

Sep 12 2015

We are about to reveal our Viking characters! Stay tuned for more! #gamedev #indiedev #indie #3dmodeling

Sep 6 2015

Testing out our Fog of War system. What do you think? #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #indie #gamedev T.co

Sep 5 2015