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Space Colonisation with Programmable Spacecraft

Colonise procedurally generated environments with your trusty Multi-Purpose Spacecraft (MPS), allowing integrated modding by controlling thrusters, lights and other devices via applications running on the 3001SQ central computer.

Start programming your spacecraft using AngelScript and nandOS, an operating system interface inspired by POSIX/Linux.

In the following 2 months we will be pushing the current technology demo to a full Multiplayer Test featuring docking with automated asteroid stations.

Code example

A little 3001SQ application controlling the cockpit lights to get you started - copy & paste into the Launcher Code Tab and start hacking!

#include "unistd.h"
#include "fcntl.h"

int main(uint argc, vector<var> &in argv)
    // We are starting to interact with the light: open the file descriptor
    int fdLight = open("/dev/light0", O_WRONLY);

    log("Turn off the light!");
    vector<var> controlOff = { Control_Device_Power, Device_PowerMode_Off };
    write(fdLight, controlOff);

    log("Waiting for 5s");

    log("Fiat lux!");
    vector<var> controlOn = { Control_Device_Power, Device_PowerMode_On };
    write(fdLight, controlOn);

    // We finished interacting with the light device: close the file descriptor

    return 0;


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3001SQ Technology Demo (64-bit Windows)

3001SQ Technology Demo (64-bit Windows)


3001SQ Launcher allowing the coding of user applications.

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