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1982 is a FREE retro inspired blasta-thon that will test your gaming skills to the max.

The game was created using AppGameKit an easy, quick and powerful game development tool.


  • Arcade - battle through 50 progressively difficult levels against some familiar early 80's home computer and arcade enemies.
  • Survivor - how many points can you score with only one life?
  • Time Attack - score as many points as you can in 3 mins. Unlimited energy, but each hit reduces your score multiplier

POWER-UPS - Kill, Catch or Collect

Each power-up has 2 uses, one when collected by the players ship and the other when shot and destroyed.

If you catch a power-up before it hits the ground then it's effect is increased. (ie. More energy is regained or lasers, rockets or shield last longer.) A successful catch is indicated by a heart.

Kill, Catch or Collect?

The 4 types and uses are as follows:

1. Energy Power-ups (green)

Kill - creates a large explosion

Catch or Collect - restore player energy

2. Laser Power-ups (red)

Kill - deploys a temporary horizontally firing laser turret

Catch or Collect - grants the player a temporary weapon increase

3. Rockets Power-ups (purple)

Kill - deploys a temporary rotating rocket launching turret

Catch or Collect - grants player a temporary rocket power-up

4. Shield Power-ups (cyan)

Kill - creates a temporary portal that destroys all enemy bullets

Catch or Collect - grants the player a temporary shield protecting against all impacts



Each enemy kill is worth 1 pt x score multiplier.

The Score Multiplier is increased by filling the kill gauge on the left of the screen. To do this string a lot of kills together quickly. Failing to kill anything causes the gauge to drop.

Abductions...of Man & Multipliers

When a certain number of enemies reach the ground a Man will be abducted by a yellow saucer. As well as abducting Man the saucer takes x3 from your multiplier.

Kill the saucer and allow Man to fall safely to the ground and your x3 multiplier is returned.

The number of enemies reaching the ground needed to trigger an abduction reduces as your multiplier increases. High multipliers are hard to defend.


Many in game actions such as killing certain enemies trigger a coin drop. Pick up the coins for extra points (5pts x multi), catch them for a further bonus (10pts x multi). Caught coins are indicated by a heart.


Complete any of these in game actions to trigger a bonus coin drop...

  • Arcadia - Survive a level
  • Astro Blaster - get a new high multiplier for your current game
  • Major Havoc - trigger 2 Astro Blasters within 5 secs
  • Missile Command - have 2 remote missile launchers active at the same time
  • Laser Zone - have 2 remote lasers active at the same time
  • Bomberman - kill lots of enemies in an energy power-up explosion
  • Defender - stop any enemy reaching the ground for 30 secs
  • Repulsar - Ram an enemy with your shields
  • 2084 - rescue Man from the saucers 3 times in a row

If you like 1982 then checkout this other game made by Binary Zoo:


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