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A small look at some gameplay foundations of our new game by @oppicaro

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I could start with a striking slogan or I could sell you the usual smoke and mirrors in this industry. However, I will begin by correcting the question you have not asked yet: what do we want you to know about Fulvinter NOW?

Fulvinter is a platformer and action-adventure game inspired by Norse mythology and Viking paraphernalia. There will be time to delve into the world of Ysslandril, but as the game designer, today I must focus on three fundamental pillars that support our gameplay.

The Hammer of Seasons is the only weapon in the game. A magical artifact to which we must awaken from its lethargy. A surprising multi-purpose weapon with secrets we will reveal in due time. It will have a main importance for the level progress, but for now, be patient.

Ilustracin Nios

Play with a partner. An essential concept: 1 plus 1 adds more than two. Fulvinter is played as a couple. Literally. Joined together by a rope, you and your partner will have to overcome the different challenges and puzzle in levels. Cooperation and teamwork for two friends... Here I must remember that Fulvinter is also a complete experience for a single player. In that case, your partner will be played by CPU. A smart one.

Local multiplayer. Up to four friends can play at the same time, divided into two couples. Competing to get first to the goal or cooperating when things get difficult. Fulvinter will have a strong cooperative component, so we decided to add certain competitive elements that break the dynamics and provide chaotic and funny situations.

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At the end, Fulvinter is a small Nordic tale that aims to send a couple of positive messages to the player: to discover you are not alone to overcome obstacles and your tools are useful and powerful because you hold them. This is, for us, Fulvinter.

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