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This is talking about the US Squads. This will be updated every time we get updates on the units and squads.

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US Units-


Rifle Squad(13)
1 Squad Commander with M16
1 Radioman with M16
1 M60 gunner
1 Grenadier with M79
1 Loader with M16
8 Riflemen with M16's

1: Equip two Riflemen with Remington 11-48 12 gauge shotguns. (Replacement of M16)
2: Equip three riflemen with M72 LAWs. (Does not replace M16's)
3: Add one Navel Corpsmen to the squad.

Support Team (2)
1 Gunner with M60 With Tripod
1 Loader with M16

1: Exchange M60 for M1919 .30 cal [Stage 1]
2: Exchange M60 for M2 Browning .50 cal [Stage 2]

Sniper Team (2)

1 Sniper with M-40 sniper rifle
1 Spotter with M16

1: Equip Spotter with radio.

M29 60mm mortar team (3)
1 Gunner
1 Assistant Gunner
1 Ammunition loader

1: Equip all mortar crew with M16's for personal defense

Seabee team (7)
1 Squad commander with M16
6 Engineers with M16's

1: Allow engineers to create barbed wire fortifications
2: Allow Seabee squad to use 1 Bulldozer
3: Equip Seabees with mine detectors


1 Driver
1 Engineer
1 50.Cal Gunner

1:Exchange Forward 50.Cal for Twin 50.Cal
2:Exchange Troop Space for 30mm Grenade launcher (Turning it into an Attack Vehicle)
3:Exchange Forward Twin 50.Cal for 20mm Cannon (Need Upgrade 1 to use)

Jeep (1)
1 Driver
1 Gunner armed with M16
1 Officer

1: Equip jeep with M1919 .30 cal machine gun
2: Equip jeep with M2 Browning .50 cal
3: Equip jeep with 106mm M40 recoilless rifle

M48 Patton medium tank (1)
1 Commander
1 Driver
1 Gunner
1 Loader

1: 90mm main cannon
2: M2 Browning .50 cal
3: M73 .30 cal

UH-1 Iroquois (1)
1 Pilot
1 Co- Pilot

May transport one squad of Marines, or 14 men

1: May add two door gunners with M60D's

CH-47 Chinook (1)
1 Pilot
1 Co- Pilot
1 Flight engineer

1: May add two door gunners with M60D's
2: May add one tail gunner with M60D

AH-1 Cobra
1 Pilot
1 Gunner

1: 7.62 mm multi-barreled minigun
2: M129 40mm grenade launcher
3: M200 70mm grenade launcher
4: XM195 20mm cannon


Call-In (CI) Aircraft

They are aircraft you can call on to the map for a time.

A-1 Skyraider Squadron(2)
2 A-1 Skyradiers
1 Pilot (each)
1 Co-Pilot (each)

1: Twin 20mm cannons
2: 3 500lbs bombs
F-4 Phantom Squadron (2)
2 F-4 Phantoms

1 Pilot (each)
1 Co-pilot (each)

1: Four Sparrow missiles
2: M84 napalm bomb
3: M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon

The reason we show crewman inside the Vehicles, is that they can be killed, either destroying or crippling the vehicle. Engineers may then attempt to reman or repair the vehicle.

More specialized units are not shown, due to us wanting to surprise you guys!

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