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We are a small Game Development Group, designing 2 games. One is Call to Vietnam, A Vietnam era RTS.
The other one is Galactic Warfare, a RPG based in the future.

Galactic Warfare is a Fps/Rpg. It is based in 42,000 A.D. You are in the Galaxy of Thropes. With this Galaxy comes War, deseption, and death. But, even in the darkest corners of the Galaxy is peace, trust, and life. In this game you will explore vast lands, and exciting scenarios. If you enjoy the feeling of war, set flight in your ship and destroy trading ships, or join a fleet and crush enemy fleets. Don't like piloting ships, be a soldier or a assain and kill wanted targets or land in a enemy city and lay siege to it. If war isn't your thing, your more of a peaceful type. Be a glactic trader and hire workers to fly cargo and goods across the planet and become a wealthy tycoon. If your just there to live life and just make it threw the day, you can! If you can't make enough money rob a bank and flee from the city, or live as an outsider in forests or out in an icy plain!This is Glactic Warfare, where most anything is possible! The best chance or idea can turn out to be the worst ever, the most riskey one can turn out to be the smartest one! This is your game, your virtual life! Live it!

-No Levels (Skill based)
-No Locked stuff (all weapons, everything useable)
-Customizable Space Ships and Vehicles. (From Weapons to Paint!)
-6 Races
-9 Classes
-Hundreds of abilties, professions, and skills
-Changing Economy for every city!
-Genocides and AI started Battles and Wars
-Several Armys
-Every City, town, and Territory is able to be taken by another country, and/or you. (Need a certain size army to take cities)
-You can hire NPC's to guard your city, and command NPC Space Ships and Troops! Customize your Army to the Armor and Weapons, down to the very color of them.

-Imperial Elf
-Dark Elf

Bender (Magic)
Marine (Paladin)
Cita (FreeLance)
Tome (Magic)

PLANETS COUNTRYS: -Tonway (At war with Kronks) Mostly Humans
-Faros (At war with Natural Republic) Mostly Dark Elf
-Kronkz (At war with Tonway ) Mostly Orks
-Natural Republic (At war wit
h Faros ) Mostly Imperial Elf
-Jonx Valley(At war with No One ) Mostly Eushi
-Rax Zel(At war with Everybody) All Scarabs
-Tonway Republic (At war with No One) Balanced
Freelance Villages and towns don't have armys, but have militia and have no diplomacy.

If you would like to know more about Races, Classes, and Countrys look in the Features column for the article about each. They will all be up soon!
Well, thats some info about Galactic Warfare. Hope you like it!

This is a RTS game based during the Vietnam War. There will be two main factions- United States ,and NVA ( North Vietnam ). There will be two campaigns, A US and NVA campaign.Some Features we will have-

  • Dynamic Behavior Ragdoll
  • Fast Paced Tactical Action
  • Two Single player Campaigns
  • Many Single Player Scenarios
  • Evolving Behaviors
  • Giant Maps
  • Advanced Multi-Player Action
  • Complete Realism

We will be using the Unity Engine, we are looking for some things though, Let's see if you can help us out on what we need-

  1. A Sound Artist (To do Music and SFX)
  2. Modelers (Using Maya or 3D Studio Max)
  3. Animation/Programmers

Thats all we need so I hope someone can help us out!Hope you guys are liking what you see and hear, and watch this game to its release date!

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Sounds awesome

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I know you have me doing the Huey model right now, but I was wondering if there are any other models I could take a shot at that are maybe a little smaller so I can work on them if I feel like taking a break on the Huey.

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PsychoKnights Creator

Do like some guns that poema did

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I was sent here by another group saying you are looking for a concept artist...do you still need one?

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psychoknights, take a look at his profile, he's REALY good!!
please accept him to the group

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Looking for a good sound artist? ... :)?

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