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A compiled list of answers to some of the more interesting and important questions we have been asked about the game.

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Titan: Dawn – Frequently Asked Questions

A compiled list of answers to some of the more interesting and important questions we have been asked about the game.

What genre is the game?

A – This game is a sci-fi RPG taking inspiration from the roleplaying games of the mid to late 90’s. Players of Balder’s Gate, Neverwinter Knights, Fallout, and Arcanum will find many pleasing similarities in style and approach.

Will there be multiple difficulty levels?

A – Yes. Right now the difficulty levels are easy, medium, and hard. We are open to more if, after the demo, people feel there should be others.

Will there be a big, open world to explore?

A – This game is open-world in that your choice in where to go is very non-linear. There are three major areas (planets) the player will get to explore in this game. These planets are separated into different acts. Each planet has a multitude of areas to explore, and each area is unique in design and environment. Environments range from desolate desert wastelands, to sprawling, seedy city-scapes, to lush, dangerous jungles.

Will there be sidequests?

A - Yes, there will be a multitude of sidequests that you can complete throughout the game. Most of
these sidequests have the chance to greatly impact the environment later in the story.

Are you planning on releasing a free beta or demo to the public?

A – Yes, a completely free demo featuring a portion of the first act will be available sometime in March (depending on alpha testing). The demo will showcase the games gameplay, story, and mini-games.

How long is the game?

A – The length of playtime is completely dependent on player exploration. The main story arc is quite short, spanning over three acts. Each act has a large number of sidequests that can help extend the length of gameplay. Having a shorter main story arc allows us to add greater depth to each act. Choices really do make a difference in this game, creating opportunities for countless replays.

Will the sidequests involve “Kill x number of creatures” or will they have more depth?

A – Each sidequest in the game is included because it adds depth to the story and has actual worth for the player. You’ll never feel as though a sidequest has been “thrown in.” These missions will have substance beyond experience points and money, as many have the opportunity to influence the environment of the game later on in the story.

Will there be character classes?

A – The short answer is no. There is no class-based system in Titan: Dawn. That being said, there are many skills/abilities to choose from that help you mold your character and gameplay to the style you prefer. For example, a player who favors stealth may choose abilities that help increase the effectiveness of that approach, but that player will never be limited to what abilities he or she can pick. For those seeking a less complicated system, we will have “Character Sheets” that will recommend what skills/abilities to choose based on the style you want to go for.

Does the story have multiple endings?

A – Yes. The player has a wide range of control on the outcome of the game. Every choice you make has a consequence, and though those consequences are not often obvious, you’ll never feel like you've been “jipped” into an ending you didn't want. There is no set morality in Titan: Dawn, your actions affect your reputation with others. Throughout the game, you’ll find that the “good guy choice” is not always readily apparent.

Will there be a large variety of items in the game?

A – Absolutely. There are many different types of weapons, ammunition, armor, and each type of equipment has several quality types. This creates a large amount of variation in everything you find. You’ll also be able to upgrade and modify the weapons you discover.

What are the required system specs?

A – This isn't a game that will require a super-computer to play. As long as you have a somewhat recent graphics card, you shouldn't run into any trouble. Additionally, the graphics options are highly customizable; allowing you to tailor the settings to best fit your machine.

Does this game require an internet connection to play?

A – Not at all. This is a single-player game, and can be played offline without issue.

If you have any more questions you feel are important,
please feel free to go to our website and post in the forum.



Sounds great; looking forward to the game!

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