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This is a detailed description of all the jobs on the main map San Casina, its important to know these jobs in order to be a successful player.

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Money is one of the most important things to have in San Casina as it is, for the most part, the limiting factor that keeps the player from being the most powerful thing in the game. Thus, it is important that the player be aware of the wide selection of jobs there are to choose from to optimize their experience:

*Cashier – Cashier is one of the easiest jobs for a new player, as there are no startup costs, and the hardest part about it is simply finding a cash register. To begin this job, stand behind a cash register with empty hands out, your boss will welcome you to the job, and then all you have to do is move occasionally when he requests you to do so. In the end, you can make 50 dollars a second without perks, and vastly more with perks. You also gain money every time a different player enters your store.

*DJ – DJ is the same as Cashier except you make more money while people are on the dance floor.

*Private Contractor – This job only requires you to be on foot, and can be set up by heading down to the police station, and buying a private contractor license. Once you have the license, you make money by killing or arresting people in the mafia or terrorists. The more people you take down, the more you will be promoted this increasing the payouts. You also make more money by killing your targets up close, having little to no body armor, and not using vehicles. The major down side to this job is if you are killed, kill civilians, or people of the law, your rank will be reset and you will have to start from the beginning.

*Stripper – This job requires a stripper license, once you have the license you make money by either pole dancing, or moving around the dance floor. Dancing on the dance floor is the only way to be promoted, and just like in real life, females get better tips. The trick to this job is to make sure you do not do any single action too much during the evaluation period (periods are between each tip). Although the money system may seem random, it is all math based, and if you figure out a good order to do moves you can make pretty good money (before I patched it I once got $1,000,000.00 for a single dance period while dancing with the perks). Every time you die, you lose your license, perks help you get promoted faster. Your rank also determines how much money you can make pole dancing, which is done by sliding up and down dance poles.

*Drug Transporter – This job is done by buying drugs at the weed shop, once you have drugs you can press the character info button (‘Y’ key by default) while holding the drugs; this will tell you where the drug dealer is. Once you know the general location of the drug dealer, simply deliver the drugs to him. You are paid per drug sold. Warning: This job slowly increases your wanted level, and the police of San Casina will eventually move in to take you down if you get a high enough wanted level. This job can make really good money if you can manage not to be killed. If the player dies their promotion level is reset, killing the dealer also resets the players level.

*Theft – Good money can be made by stealing stuff. Cars can be stolen by kicking them with “Duke Nukem Style”; this is a charge attack and you must hold the mouse button until you finally kick, if you kick an AI car all passengers well be kicked out and you can then hop in and drive off with it. As a warning some of the passengers might be armed and will try to take you out. Once you have stolen a car you can sell it by taking it to a Pay N’ Spray and pressing the ‘H’ key when it tells you the value of the car (usually triggered in front of the repair bay). Cars that are in better condition are worth more, cars that have been on the map for a long period of time slowly lose value. If stealing cars is not your thing, you can also steal money from ATM’s and Cash Registers by pressing ‘E’ on them; however, unlike stealing cars, these devices have locks on them that new criminals cannot break, so you have to have a certain wanted level before you will be able to access them. In addition, players with a higher wanted levels will make more robbing ATM’s and Cash Registers. Keep in mind, as your criminal level gets higher the cops in San Casina will want to take you down. PROTIP: Committing crimes only counts for you if an officer of the law saw you do it.

*Firefighter – Firefighter is a more basic job, no startup costs, the player makes money by extinguishing the fires that start around San Casina (at times this job can be very slow as the fires happen at random, more often when it is cold out). Once a fire has started, grab a fire extinguisher from the inside of any building then use it to extinguish the small fires burning on or inside the structure. The harder to reach fires usually pay more, for super hard to reach fires you may need the fire truck’s ladder, or a helicopter. Keep in mind that the fires do burn you, so getting certain armors will help protect you from it. Also remember that fires burn out after a while, so don’t take too long to get to them.

*Prostitute – The Prostitute job is a sudo job, it was implemented as one of the first jobs in Rp2 and it requires multiplayer. It works by buying the stripper character from the characters menu, then it requires a second player to press ‘E’ on you. After both players accept the prostitute must follow the client around, as long as the prostitute is following the client around the client loses money but gains health and armor, the prostitute makes the money the client loses. The prostitute can adjust how much money they charge with numpad ‘+’ and numpad ‘-‘. The client gets back a certain amount of money if the prostitute bails on them, the job can be ended when the client presses ‘E’ on the prostitute, or the client runs out of money. This job has no perks.

*Bounty Hunter – Another multiplayer only “job” this is done by arresting or killing players that have achieved a high bounty through crime, only half the bounty is given to the player if they kill the target, full bounty is given if they manage to arrest the player. Keep in mind, arresting the player forces them to serve time in jail, or to pay their bounty off to get out, so I would not advise trying to milk this system too much. Also, remember that for any good bounty the cops will be trying to kill the target as well.

*Train Conductor – This one is slightly harder to get than Cashier as it requires the initial startup cost for a train; however, after that the job is simple enough, just drive down the tracks, stopping at each train station. In addition, each passenger you have gets the driver a slow trickle of cash, and the faster you go the more this trickle goes at.

*Police Patrol – To do this job, buy a cop car, then drive to the red stars on your radar, dispatch will give you a new location to go to each time you get to the last one. You make money based on the distance between the points, and the longer you drive for the more promotions you will get, thus the more you will be paid. If you get out and back into the cop car you will have to drive back to the police station to get a new assignment.

*Bus Driver – This job requires the startup costs of a bus, and requires you to drive from bus stop to bus stop; when you arrive at a bus stop you are required to wait a few seconds just in case any passengers want to get on board, after which you are free to head to your next stop. While this job is a lot like the Police Patrol job, it allows you to create your own bus route between the stops, keep in mind, the longer it has been since you visited a stop, the more money you will make. While doing the bus driver job you will notice a number of stars on your radar ranging from colors green to black, black stars are stops you visited recently, bright green are ones that you have not visited in a long time, you will make the most from visiting these.

*Emergency Medical Technician – This job is done by driving the ambulance, if you see some injured infantry on the map, drive the ambulance over to them, it will slowly heal them, and each point of health the ambulance gives those gives you a bit of money. There is a perk for this job that greatly increases the payouts.

*Race Car Driver – First to do the job you will need to find the racetrack, once you find it you can use any vehicle to drive around the course. You will be given money based on the time it takes you to drive around the track, certain perks will increase the money you are given for driving around the track and some change how you make the money. More money is made by placing in 1st-3rd place of either the daily records or all time records.

*Hazmat Transporter – This job is done by buying a hazmat truck once you have one drive to the red stars marked on your radar (these are stockpile for nuclear waste barrels). Once you have found a nuclear waste stock pile, pull up to it, your truck will automatically start to load the barrels from the stock pile. Once your truck is full the red star on your radar will move back to the drop off point, return there to collect your money (payment is per drum). Stockpiles will slowly deplete as you use them, however after long periods of time they well also re-generate. This job pays worth crap at first but once you have been promoted to the upper levels it actually is one of the best paying jobs.

*Fisherman – One of the most expensive jobs to start, but in the end it can also have some of the highest payouts. To begin this job you will need a dinghy, fishing boat, or fishing trawler. Once you have one of these look for buoys placed in the ocean, sail to these buoys and wait at them. Once at a buoy you will slowly catch fish, if the buoy runs out of fish it will disappear and a message will prompt you. Each color of buoy is a different type of fish; obviously, some types are vastly more valuable. Once your cargo hold is full of fish you will be prompted to return to a dock, the closest dock is marked on the radar at all times. This job also has to most perks of any job, as it was one of the first jobs to be added. Keep in mind, as with all jobs pressing ‘Y’ will give you useful stats about the vehicle/character and jobs settings.

You now know the jobs of San Casina, good luck!

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