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This feature article will be about the most advanced unit in the game, The Helicopters. Here you will read about the Helicopters advanced features.

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This feature article is going to be
about the most advanced units in the game, The Helicopters.

First, In most other RTS games when you
call units to get in a vehicle they just pop in there, and your like
WTF are they magic? Not in this game, they will actually get in hop
up on there and sit down or stand, same thing getting out. Also, when
you command the Huey to drop the units there will be and option on
how they get out, either Full Stop, Hover Stop, or Low and Slow.

Second, I've played many RTS games in
my life. In almost all with Helicopters when they turn they stop turn
then fly again. In this game the helicopters will take wide, real looking turns
and not stop just to turn. When a helicopter is commanded to attack,
it won't hover there and shoot missiles at weird angles. They will
actually strafe/volley the target then take a wide U-turn and go threw
another Strafing run on the target.

Third, In other RTS's the helicopters
have unlimited fuel and ammo. Not in this game, when you have a
helicopter out on the battlefield and it runs out of ammo it will fly
back to the Base of Operations. Then men at the Base Heliport, will
actually go take a hose and the ammo and out it on the helicopters.
Then when its fueled up and stocked with ammo it will fly back to the
battlefield when commanded.


Twitch, Lead Designer

Pyrefly - - 296 comments

Very nice, but don't overdo it; don't want this to turn out to be trash like that major failure 3000 A.D.

Keep it complex but simple at the same time =)

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PsychoKnights Author
PsychoKnights - - 185 comments

Ok thanks for the idea.

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