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A brief summary of how the code behind interdimensional chess works.

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I started by setting up the playing with some simple embedded for loops, that'd alternate between white tiles and black tiles. Each of the tiles has a position in the form of a 6D Vector and a Reference to a piece, if one finds it itself in it. The Controller for the Cursor was rather easy with Unitys Axis Input manager. I then created a Piece class, that'd save all the directions the Piece was allowed to move in an array of normalised 6D Vectors. Once a Piece is selected, it'll loop through each of the Vectors through the value i and will check the tile at direction*i. if there is no obstruction, it'll be selected by setting a flag in the tile class and changing the color. If there is a piece in the way however the direction will be added to another array called blockedDirections and every time it loops through it it checks that !blockedDirection.contains(direction).

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