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Post feature RSS The Best Overall C&C Mod (Round Three)

Determine which C&C mod is the best by voting in the polls and this round is a big one.

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It's time for the next round to progress. The one C&C mod I decided to add back to the bracket is a C&C3 mod (that was probably going to be cancelled) named as Red Alert History. It will battle against C&C3 Reloaded and Termination in a 3-way versus poll. This round is going to be very interesting because every good C&C3, RA3, RA2 and Tsun mods are in this bracket and tough choices will have to be made.

Previous Round Two: Moddb.com
Previous Round One: Moddb.com

When voting in Pollcode, make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended. Older polls are now disabled.

Best C&C3 Mod:
BestCNC3Mod 1

Tiberium Essence vs C&C3 The Forgotten Vote.pollcode.com
Tiberian Dawn remake vs Mideast Crisis 2 Vote.pollcode.com
KW Reloaded vs Grantaball Vote.pollcode.com
C&C3 A New Experience vs C&C5 Return of the Scrin Vote.pollcode.com
One Vision vs Tiberian History Vote.pollcode.com
Talon Mod vs Rush to Supremecy Vote.pollcode.com
SysMod vs Dune 20XX Vote.pollcode.com
C&C3 Reloaded vs Red Alert History vs Termination Vote.pollcode.com

Best C&C Mod from the Westwood era (divided into game sections):

RA2 section
Mental Omega vs C&C Reloaded Vote.pollcode.com
Supreme RA2 vs YR Red Resurrection Vote.pollcode.com
RA Reborn vs C&C Apocalypse Vote.pollcode.com
Empires At War vs Doom Desire Vote.pollcode.com

Tsun section
Twisted Insurrection vs RA Reloaded Vote.pollcode.com
C&C Chaos Mod vs Tsun Warzone Vote.pollcode.com

RA section
RA Meets Star Wars vs The Flame Dancers Vote.pollcode.com

Renegade section
Commando Assault vs Virtual Westwood Museum Mod Vote.pollcode.com

Best RA3 Mod:
BestRA3Mod 1

RA3 Paradox vs RA3 Retarded: Red Cocaine Vote.pollcode.com
The Red Alert vs Generals Evolution Vote.pollcode.com
R3D Tower Defense vs Grantaball Reploded Vote.pollcode.com
RA3 Upheaval vs RA3 Reloaded Vote.pollcode.com
Project-X vs Global Vote.pollcode.com
Shock Therapy vs RA3 Advanced Vote.pollcode.com
RA3 Undecided vs RA3 Transcending Vote.pollcode.com
Rush to Supremacy Origin vs RA3 Advanced AI Vote.pollcode.com

The next round of this bracket will be around next week.


Pretty cool event, wondering how we could host this type of thing on site.

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Forum Poll like how for example I held my Base Beauty Contest.

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Can't wait to see how people are going to compare a mod like Granatball to A New Experience. Or an unfinished mod to a finished one.

No wonder you get such few votes. This contest is an insult to the intelligence of any intelligent being.

"This round is going to be very interesting because every good C&C3;, RA3, RA2 and Tsun mods are in this bracket and tough choices will have to be made."

Thx a lot for keeping mine out. To not be included into best mods according to you is a compliment.

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Come on Nero, be friendly. It doesn't matter that you are 100% right.

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It gets even better. With this 7.hidemyass.com I was able to vote twice and could vote as much as I want by changing my ip.

Is why you gotta do these polls in the moddb forum where no guests can vote.

But yes it doesn't matter, isn't like there are more than 5 people who voted in round two apparently. Probably himself and his modding budies.

PurpleGaga27 if you want attention whoring for your mod then kindly don't do it on the expense of other mods. Thats just nasty.

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Looks like we have some proxy war between RA2 Reborn and C&C Apocalypse

edit: lol, i'm a deer.

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PurpleGaga27 Author

I indeed found out someone spammed that poll.

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Yup, we can even read the comments. I don't really know how much REAL people vote there.
But comparing current voting ( Poll.pollcode.com ) with previous one ( Poll.pollcode.com ) it is obvious (maybe) that Apocaypse votes are just fake. Proxy wars confirmed.

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Sh*t people, c`mon...
I cant choose... There are more than one "the best mod"... ;)

P.S. and BTW, there are not all of them good mods...

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