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Post feature RSS Species Series #10- The Synth

The latest entry of our species series discusses the mechanical Synth and their role in the Lord of Rigel universe.

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“Imperator: The specimen is fully mechanoid. These advances will further our own attempts to integrate artificial intelligence into our neural structure. More specimens are needed.” Lornaius, Ornithon Cybertech

An artificial species, the Synth arrived from another galaxy after their creators attempted to exterminate them. They are capable of networking their processing power to share information and focus their efforts on technological development. The Synth prefer to be isolated, but will engage with other factions when it furthers their goals. Some speculate that their end goal is to evolve beyond their corporeal form.

Designer’s Notes:
The synth are a purely artificial species. Some influences behind the Synth include Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons, the Cybrids from Starsiege, and Geth from Mass Effect. The Synth fled to the Lord of Rigel galaxy from another and begin the game with a rag tag fugitive fleet in search of a new homeworld. Their goals are inscrutable to most organic species, but the Synth believe themselves to be part of a grand scheme to become the “best machines the universe has seen.” Each Synth has an individual neural network and unique personality. Their individuality is a byproduct of their original engineering. Synth may network their processing power together and share all of their information, but remain distinct individuals. The synth prefer to be isolated from all other species, but will engage with other factions when it furthers their goals. Synth society is hierarchical, where more processing resources are given to higher achieving Synth. This has the side effect of “the rich get richer” as higher achieving Synth hoard resources to further their own goals. The Synth with the greatest resources,thus controlling the entire direction of their society, is known as the First. Most Synth efforts are directed towards technological development. Some speculate that the end goal of the Synth is a form of ascension to escape the inevitable heat death of the universe.

The Synth above all wish to be left alone so they can continue their long term plans of survival. But they are dragged into the galaxy wide conflict of Lord of Rigel. Somewhere lurking beyond the galaxy are their creators, searching for the last of their rogue machines to purge from the universe.

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