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Available for Win PC and Mac. Gaiden 2: Build Play provides early pre-alpha access to gameplay mechanics that will eventually find its way into Spark Rising. This gaiden is designed to be more sandbox in nature, allowing you to build a fortress and then battle in it. Some of the features in this experiment will make it into Spark Rising, while others won’t based on your feedback.

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  • This build is a very early and incomplete version of the game. Thus, there will be bugs and half built features. If you have high blood pressure, diarrhea, or are easily spooked, best you don’t venture forward.
  • If you need help figuring out how things work just press “H” while in-game. It’s all rather free form now, and not much to do. But you can at least get a sense of the structure of the game.
  • You currently have 3 inventory menus
    • Blocks – You can select from 256 colors
    • Structures – Voxel creations you can import in and also destroy while in battle
    • Objects – Things that can be assigned specific properties
  • You have access to an editor mode, which is used by a game designer to debug, define rules, and place objectives/enemies, etc. In order for you to go into battle, you will need to place enemy spawners and objectives with the editor mode.
  • There is a new fast build option we’re playing with. Try it out!
  • The control scheme could change dramatically by the next update as we experiment with what works.
  • Your feedback is vital to us! Please leave feedback in our form directly in-game or just hop to our forums here.

Importing in More Voxel Creations

  • We supplied a few random voxel structures that you can plop directly into your map for now. Stay tuned for details on how you can import a lot more voxel creations!

Missed Gaiden 1? You can still download it here!

You can check out this latest dev trailer we created that is a mashup of functions from Gaiden 1 and Gaiden 2. Each gaiden experience is an experiment for us, as we test new features that may find its way into Spark Rising.

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