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Space Impossible Features. What to expect from the final game.

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Space Impossible is a currently "in development" space sandbox game. The Prototype has just been released, in the first of four stages (Alpha, Beta, Release remain).

When complete it will feature:

  • A fully destructible environment. Really. Carve your name into a moon or make an asteroid into a smiley face.
  • Hundreds of ship types, each with different particular characteristics
  • AI to fight
  • Wrecks to explore and find rare and exotic technology and ships
  • Black holes to deal with
  • Manufacturing, create and manage resources
  • Trade with AI traders, or just blow them and put them into slavery
  • A giant, nearly infinite randomly generated universe made up of trillions of possible star systems. You'll never be able to visit them all. Generated for you personally, but you can also share your universe with friends via seed or actual universe files.
  • And much much more.
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