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Description of Dimension Nexus Adventure Races with detailed info and background info.

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Race name: Alshi

Type: Mantis styled

Methods of movement: Six Legs

Artists of all species came to the large crystal hives, made of multiple hues just to paint them. A few brave ones even ventured inside, and saw themselves being watched by all of the insects they passed, but not harmed. They made paintings of all parts of this species life. One day one of the artists was prodded and forced to an area. Unable to understand the clicks, but seeing they weren't aggressive, she complied, being led to an area with a place to sit. She then watched as one of them set down a small crystal and made clicks and whistles she hadn't heard before. Energy flowed from the insect to the crystal and a replica of her, sitting down formed out of the seed crystal.
She was the first one to walk in, and make paintings of the care of their children, even picking up a little of their food and feeding one. The hive appreciated caregivers and had one of their artisans agree to make the statuette. They gave it to her and walked off about their business in the hive. When she returned home she showed the crystal, and explained what happened. Several scholars studied the crystal, as well as the latent energy from it. Unable to replicate it, scholars started going to a few of the hives, trying to learn their language. Unlike other species, who were able to figure out the common language, the Insectoids were unable to pronounce syllables of the language.
Years later, having made a sign language to communicate with them, they finally had an idea. Combining a sonic generator from the Aquatics, the crystals of the Insectoids, and the knowledge of the elves, they made amulets which translated back and forth between their languages. It took years to fully develop as the Insectoids language was very complex compared to others. The Insectoids started bartering for what they needed for the hive, in exchange for sculptures, and crystal windows which were much harder than glass.

Cultural Homes: Hives grown from crystals

Clothing: Limited clothing, their exoskeletons are very tough, giving them no real need for armor. Although sometimes they will augment their exoskeletons with grown crystals.

Government: Timocracy

Favored Weapons: Crystalline Weapons

Attack Methodology: Defensively they attack as a hive, after meeting other species this has evolved to them usually being tacticians and leaders of guardhouses. Offensively they use their ability to grow crystals to make fortifications in open ground and hurl crystalline spears which shatter on impact,
causing multiple lacerations.

Unique Features: Ability to grow crystals, sometimes using these crystals as armor or weapons.

Race name:

Type: Elvan

Methods of movement: Walking, Normal

This species is commonly mistaken for a vampire because of their pale skin, and red vein looking glowing skin at night. However they were the first to make a public city and invite other species there. They can still frighten some species at night, but most have realized what is unique about them. The pale green glows you see at night are veins of plants under their skin. They live symbiotically with this plant, which promotes healing, cauterization of wounds, and in some, protection.
At home in the tops of trees more than the towns they helped build, they are a force to be reckoned with. Attacking from ambushes, both on offence and defence. Their skill with a bow is only matched by the Avians. They were the first species to fight with the Avians, and win their trust in the process. A small border skirmish in which both sides aimed to disable and not kill. As both sides were unsure why the skirmish started. Later it was found out that a local tribe of creatures were trying to turn them on each other, which was found out near the end of the skirmish. These creatures were surprised when the elves surrounded their town, launching arrows from nearby forests. As they tried to fend off this attack, the Avians swooped in and earned their place as aerial calvary. Some using bows from the sky, some using mancatchers and polearms to strike from a distance during a flyby attack. The battle lasted only twenty minutes, since then, other villages of that creature resent them, but won't approach as they are killed on sight by the two species.

Cultural Homes: Treetop houses

Clothing: Depending on the climate this can range from robes of leaves and branches in warm climates to furs in cold climates.

Government: Matriarchal

Favored Weapons: Longbow, Spear, Dagger

Attack Methodology: Attacking from hidden locations, ambush

Unique Features: Pale skin, sunlight causes sunburns faster than other species, eyes shift colors at night for darkvision, skin has a plant growth under it which glows at night.

Race name: Piresu

Type: Avian

Methods of movement: Flight and walking. Walking is hunched over like a bird of prey.

A winged species at home in the skies, this race excels in hit and run attacks as aerial calvary. They originally were hesitant to work with land bound species, feeling they lacked what was necessary to protect themselves. Reluctantly they opened trade with the others and started understanding what the other races had to offer. Now they work at protecting the peace alongside other species, their ability to spot things at long distances allows them to fly over cities as guards searching for trouble, and scout for attacks on cities.

Cultural Homes: Cliffside Aviaries with small paths to these locations for trade with non winged races.

Clothing: Tight fitting silks made to still allow unhindered flight for the most part. Some use heavier armor, only allowing their wings to help them move short distances and glide. Heavy armor users are normally guards.

Government: Feudalism

Favored Weapons: Halberd, Longbow, Katana, Mancatcher, Thrown items

Attack Methodology: Ranged weapons and polearms being used from flight, basically aerial calvary.

Unique Features: Wings, Mandibles, Talons

Race name: Inolea

Type: Dolphin

Methods of movement: Swimming, Walking

An odd species to be sure, originally the only fish never to be caught and highly sought after. That was until a fisherman actually caught one, and was found floating ashore along with pieces of his ship. Muttering about demons of the sea, never try to catch them. Eventually a group of adventurers were watching Dolphins at play and saw this weird species again, one decided to wave and yell hello to them. To everyones surprize, one young one waved back. The older ones quickly took the little one and fled. So the adventurers reported this and made it their mission to find out what happened. Eventually they were able to meet one of them, catching them walking on dry land. The aquatic life form expected a fight, so the adventurers laid down their weapons as a sign of good faith. After talking for a few days about each others cultures, they went back to their city and explained what had just happened. Explanations of the culture they just met raised more questions than the adventurers had answers. A few clandestine meetings later, a few of this species ventured into town with them. Unable to last long without help outside of water they had found sea plants that could draw in water from their surroundings. Which let them walk freely on land for days.
Being that they are not a territorial or aggressive species, and have little interest in trade with others. They simply worked on an agreement for fishermen to no longer hunt them, and returned to the sea. Very few of their race want to leave the water, those that do are wanting to adventure on dry land, or be a specialist for protecting waterways.

Cultural Homes: Coral Reefs

Clothing: Common wear is fashioned out of aquatic plants that assist them in surviving longer on dry land. War wear usually is fashioned out of a mix of plants and coral, most of the coral is poisonous to other species, and being hurt by this coral could spell anything from paralysis, to extreme pain.
Government: Socialism

Favored Weapons: Sonic Generators, Coral Weapons

Attack Methodology: Sonic attacks from range to disorient as arrows tipped with poison then rain on their enemies. Underwater harpoon style weapons are used powered by their sonic generators.

Unique Features: A Magitech race who has learned long ago that the world has an energy that can be harnessed. While they haven't developed yet a way to use it themselves, they have made an impressive array of sonic based weapons.

Race name: Karshan
Type: Human

Methods of movement: Walking, Normal

Background: "Being worked on"

Cultural Homes: Longhouses

Clothing: Linens covering the upper and lower torso. Higher ranking usually in brighter colors and gold, silver and other precious metals added to clothing.
Government: Clans

Favored Weapons: Long Swords, Polearms, Bows, Maces

Attack Methodology: Pack hunting, Guerrilla warfare

Unique Features: Normal Human scale

Race name: Manshoi

Type: Salamander

Methods of movement: Walking on all fours, but capable of two legged walking

This species was originally considered a docile beast of burden. And this was true, they didn't harm anyone, and could carry extremely large loads while walking on all four. Noone had seen them walk, much less talk, but this was because they are a very cunning race. They understood what they were being used for, but had no concept of money, or trade. To understand this, they allowed themselves to be used for generations until they fully comprehended the systems of government, ways of trade, and what was wanted by other species.
Finally one day, their leadership went to the largest city that had the other races in it and re-introduced themselves. When asked why they allowed themselves to be used, they said, it was an interesting study of your species. While being a highly intelligent race, they never felt superior to anyone, as every being has something to share. Once word spread, and they saw most that were working for merchants, content to continue, the merchants started trading, and paying for their services. Especially when they found out just how well they could defend the goods they were carrying.
Years after this they have integrated to the idea of joining the society at large. Becoming guards, merchants, even leaders and politicians. Even so, you can still find some content to be paid, sometimes just in unique foods, to do heavy lifting for a merchant.

Cultural Homes: Cave dwellings, stonework houses

Clothing: Limited clothing, normally warriors wear heavy plate mail, tradesfolk wear leather style armor. Everyone else may or may not wear traditional clothing.

Government: Meritocracy

Favored Weapons: Armor spikes, Flails

Attack Methodology: Claws, Biting, Punching, and charging normally, guards sometimes will use Flails or spikes built into their armor during a charge.

Unique Features: Very strong race, highly intelligent in the arts of smithing and crafting anything you need. Claws are made for digging in solid rock, which is how homes are normally made, burrowing, as well as mining.

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